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Message - Why use the 'reapply materials' function?

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Posted by  Jeff on February 23, 2001 at 08:02:34:

In Reply to:  Re: Artlantis 4.0 not grouping triangles or polygons on imported DXF's posted by Bob on February 21, 2001 at 20:35:17:


First off...the 'reapply materials' function is a fast and easy way to deal with many concerns that you just can't always for see. Remember, the "chaotic" part is only due to 4.0 not treating the'objects' as objects. I'm very effectively using 3.5 as a quick filter to prepare my dxf files before taking them into 4.0. Its actually a pretty painless 'temporary' fix.

Why you ask:

Brick and Stone...try aligning 4 columns of brick or stone. Separating the columns or items like a section of rowlock or soldier couse that doesn't want to lign up properly is easy with the 'reapply materials' funtion.

Windows...sometimes I'll drop in a couple of opjects to maske window coverings; somtimes I'll just use an Artlantis decorative shader. I'll make this window with drapes, this one with blinds, this one plain. The 'reapply materials' function allows me to separate the windows and/or window covering objects the way I need them.

Reflective is a fun one; how about a front porch. Let's make it concrete, using an external texture. I want to make the top surface to give me some reflecting, but not the side surfaces.
The 'reapply materials' function allows me to easilly separate the top surface, using the 'panel' selection mode, to get the reflective effect I desire.

And the list goes on... as you attempt to allow your mind's eye to be seen.

Having fun yet?



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