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Posted by  Jerud Crandall on February 27, 2001 at 12:50:06:

In Reply to:  Re: Sailing Ships posted by Kevin Matthews on February 26, 2001 at 12:20:09:

> I don't know that we can say anything with as much impact as frank
> and open user comments like this:
> And in many ways I think this forum works best when you're
> talking to each other. We're always listening,
> and we're happy to join the conversation, but we certainly don't
> want to dominate it.

I'll tell you what would have impact for me -- i've posted several times, including an email to you regarding an issue we were working on before the christmas holiday. I had assumed it got dropped over the holiday because of the break, but i'm not having any luck getting a response to my posts. I still hope for a solution, but at this point i'd even be happy if you'd just tell me you gave up on the problem so i can find another sw package that will handle my geodesic dome. I'm loathe to start in on any tedious work on the wireframe until i know it's my only option, but at this point i'm in limbo.

For the most part, the users on this forum (certain skilled ones more than others -- thanks to them!) do an excellent job answering questions and supporting each other. I personally wouldn't complain about a lack of Artifice presence, except for this case where i feel like i got dropped. Artifice folks have in the past stepped in only when there was some specific or difficult question, and i was glad when they did so regarding my geodesic difficulties. I don't even mind that i slipped through the cracks (understandable and forgiveable)-- what i mind is that several calls for attention have not been noticed.

> If you have any specific questions or topics you'd like to see us > address, please speak up.

Please address my past question regarding the dxf wireframe of a geodesic dome i imported into DW. The 'arbitrary axis' tool is not behaving correctly, preventing me from using the wireframe to project the component triangles into slabs, out of which i can make a shell. I also hope to use the arbitrary axis tool to cut openings through the slabs. Last we spoke, i was under the impression that you had some idea why the tool wasn't working. I would appreciate a follow-up. Thank you.



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