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Message - Maximized Window Nuisances - Requesting Artifice Response

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Posted by  Jeff on February 27, 2001 at 13:47:03:

First, let me say thank you for responding to my most recent message. It was great to have a straight forward answer to a question. I am sure that many other DW users valued it too.

I use DW on a Windows PC. In doing so I typically 'maximize' the model's window. Recently, I have tried to work with a few items opened at one time. Typically, opening a 'library' item, while keeping a working model's window open. Two nuisances occur when you work with the model's window 'maximized': when you try to open another file with an existing file already opened and maximized, the new file will open as a strange smaller window although the windows button's position would suggest that it is maximized; by clicking the 'minimize' or 'restore' button on the window and then re-clicking on the 'maximize' button, the window snaps back to a normal 'maximized' window. The second nuisance is, if you go to 'Windows' and select your original file, the original file will appear and shift (you see it shift) to some obscure positioning so that you can't get around in the original file without going out of the 'maximized' mode. In a nut shell, you can not work on two files opened in the 'maximized' mode.

I have found that the problems don't exist if you just stretch the windows to cover a large area, rather than 'maximizing' them. That seems to work fairly well. However, I did want to bring this to your attention, and share this one possible solution with other users.

Are you aware of this issue? What is causing the problem? Do you have any suggestions for working with multiple windows with a PC? Will this be corrected on future DW issues and/or patches? Thank you in advance for your response.



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