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Posted by  Chuck Gallup on March 02, 2001 at 13:38:26:

I have been fomenting for most of the week trying to figger out how to form curves.

The end product is a funnel to guide power cable and restrict the bend to 2.5 meters.

What I am looking for is a 1/2' plate, 80" wide, rolled to a 100" radius, about 110" long. I would like to see only the plate form and not a "wedge shape" if you will, under the curve. Now ...I can produce a curve with a 100" radius, but...I find the cutting tool difficult to figger out and the process is trial and error to achieve 110".

The hard part, then, is fitting another curve to the 100" radius. I want a 10" plate oriented 90 degrees to the first, to follow the plate lengthwise but form a 2.5 meter radius in the process. "Compound curve"

I tried lathing with no positive results. What I did was draw a box in DW representing and end view of an 80" by 1/2" plate but it wouldn't accept it as a polyline. Also, I couldn't figger how to get the radius. Then I drew two 80" lines 1/2" apart. The lathing machine accepted that...sent me back a file...but when I open it, It appears to open then vanishes.

Also...the same question applies to pipes. How would I draw compound curves with pipe?

If I'm nuts, let me know. We took quite a shaking here in Seattle but I think this is a ligitimate question:)


Shaken, Not Stirred!


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