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Message - Abvent / Artifice resolve DXF issue!

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Posted by  Jeff on March 08, 2001 at 06:48:27:

Hello all! you want the good news or the bad news first? Since I can't hear you...we will start with the good. After exchanging emails with Abvent, Odile, one of their tech support persons sent an email back that gave direction to how to cure the DXF 'object' selection problem. I forwarded the informative email to Artifice to have the "techy-lingo" translated. My intitial translation was: they said they made it better...I said they made it worse. Turns out they DID MAKE IT BETTER! The older 3.5 version of Artlantis could not interpret POLYMESH DXF files; the newer 4.0, however does. Artifice responded that DW already can make a POLYMESH DXF with a small modification to the options available throught the ini file. DW Windows (PC) users simply open your DW.ini file with a word processor and find the line that says: QD3DGeometry=FACES. Change the line to read: QD3DGeometry=POLYMESH. Now you will find that when you create a DXF file from a Lights and Textures view, Artlantis 4.0 will open it perfectly!

The BAD news? I don't know what to tell you MAC users:( I'll let the Artifice techs fill you in on how this plays out for you.

There is one more bonus in having Artlantis using the POLYMESH DXF interpretation. Remember a while back when I questioned about some objects magically joining each other, not being able to re-separate them, in Artlantis? That should no longer happen whith Artlantis 4.0!

See ya,



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