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Posted by  GAryV on March 09, 2001 at 15:26:20:

In Reply to:  Re: Abvent / Artifice resolve DXF issue! (and lights ?) posted by GaryV on March 09, 2001 at 11:35:50:

Abvent's response, FYI, for those with the same questions. To me not seeing a light source (the "lamps", "bulbs" etc.) is a bit of a detriment but I will try the neon shader and see what the results are.

From abvent:

The 'lights' in Art€lantis are in fact light sources and not 'lamps', so you cannot see the source. I am not familiar with DesignWorkshop : can you create in it lamps that light the scene ?
What I can suggest you is :
If you create a 3D object in DW at the same time as you create the light source, you may re-use it in Art€lantis and apply the neon shader to it so that your light will be shining. To create a fluorescent light source, you may play on the colour of the light. To create a fluorescent object (lamp or bulb), you may use the neon shader I mentioed before.

Have a great weekend all,


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