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Message - Artlantis repsonse to 3DMF/DXF issues

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Posted by  Abvent Tech Support (c/o Jeff) on March 12, 2001 at 14:36:37:

A few days ago I emailed Abvent a combination of my own thoughts and the messages that Mike wrote late last week. Here is the response from Artlantis:

Dear DesignWorkshop and Art*lantis users,

Be sure that we are trying to give you the best for working with the both
software programs.
We are in touch with Artifice and we try to give you bypass solutions for
your problems until we improve our plug-in.

As the ScaleAttribute object is supported by Apple, we must support it in
our plug. And, as Mike Wheeler mentions it
that seems to be the case.
But as you know, this work could take few days to be done and few days to be

Secondly, for the DXF problem, we have already decided to come back to the
previous point management where 3DFace always shares the points. A new
release of Art*lantis (4.0.3) must be ready next week.

We inform you as soon as one of these issues is completed.




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