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Posted by  Daniel Zajic on March 19, 2001 at 05:59:47:

Hello all,
For anyone who is trying (or will try) to install Radiance Desktop and wants to render their exported .rif files from DesignWorkshop, here's a fix that will allow you to use the materials that come on the DW Pro CD-ROM:

If you look in any of your exported .rif files, about 20-30 lines down you'll see a line that has "yourfile.mat dw.mat".

Radiance needs access to dw.mat and all the .pic files that are referenced in dw.mat.

Copy the entire "[cd-rom]:\Textures and Materials\Radiance Support\DW Textures for Radiance" directory into your "c:\Radiance\lib" directory, or wherever the Radiance library path is.

Now, open the "dw.mat" file (on the cd-rom, do a search for it in windows if you can't find it) in a word processor like MS Word. It should look normal, but do a "save as" and save it as a "plain text" in a file called "dw.mat" (not "dw.mat.txt"!). This file needs to be wherever you .rif exports are, which can actually be anywhere you want.

Now, switch to you .rif directory and run "rad myproject.rif" and you should get a .pic file with the same name as you .rif file.

You must open this file with "winimage.exe" which is in the "Radiance\bin" directory where "rad.exe" is. This is actually in your path (or should be) so you can just type "winimage" at the command line. Then open you .pic file and enjoy the beauty!!!

Cheers, Daniel Zajic


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