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Posted by  dezzo on March 28, 2001 at 10:26:02:

Hi people,
I'm still not convinced over the quality of 3D CAD modelling software for architects nowadays -
do share here what you have used so far, what are you frustrated with and which is the BEST 3D modelling tool you've used so far. There's so many out there on the market, that it's very confusing. Do share the type of learning curve - how long you took to learn the software, and how difficult was it to pick it up before you became proficient.
Personally, I have used :

AutoCAD - I've done big complex 3D projects on autoCAD before but it's always slow and cumbersome, but when it always feels like it's free... and simple to use... you feel unlimited by the program - too unlimited sometimes. I think AutoCAD is quite easy to pick up and learn. A novice could learn its basic functions and start to model easily with it. But it gets cumbersome for big task esp when complex modelling is involved.

3D Studio VIZ R3 - I have TRIED my best to pick up this software but it seems my initial beginnings with AutoCAD have left me dissatisfied with the fixed kind format and the way it handles the models. It's a memory hog and crashed way too often. I'm looking for something FASTER to learn and pick up and also do things more accurately. Accuracy and joining things together in 3d Studio feels like you're making something not so precise.

Design Workshop Lite - I've tried this program and I feel somewhat limited. I can't get used to the interface. Maybe I haven't put enough effot in to get involved in the tutorials properly.

I'm thinking of FormZ, SolidThinking, Softimage (apparently they created the Roman City in Gladiator with Softimage).

what are your expriences? I'm looking for fast, quick, accurate modelling.


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