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Posted by  Paul on April 29, 2001 at 22:30:45:

In Reply to:  Re: lights in Art*lantis posted by Gary on February 23, 2001 at 09:24:11:

I have the same problem with interior lighting in artlantis...all i can suggest is a bit of BS.....reduce the limit of the effect of the light so that it is just bigger than the room it is in and play around with the max light slider (make it really small) so that the light gets darker as it moves away from the source (this almost works). The other option...give each light a shadow (although this tends to negatively effect rooms nearby)

Im sure with artlantis 4 there will be MUCH better and realistic results to come from global illumination. you should be able to have a small area effect light source which brightens the ceilings, walls and floors without effecting the rooms next to it...all i need is to buy the 4.0 upgrade (waiting for $). The only downside i imagine is the time it takes to process the images with "global illumination" from what i have seen in 4.0 this isnt 100% accurrate...but its much nicer than a straight ray trace (and will require a lot of experimentation). Another thing I like the look of is the increased ray bounces to 6 so when you are in a room with mirrors and glass you dont see reflections of the sky outside, or a reflection of a mirror that does not bounce light back (looks very bad)

I have done quite a lot of interiors in artlantis 4 to date...every time it has come down to trial and error. check out out webpage and go to the simulation section:



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