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Posted by  Jeff on August 08, 2001 at 07:45:45:

In Reply to:  Simple Drawing posted by build on August 07, 2001 at 14:46:56:

Only the computer 'gremlins' know how the two programs are interpreting the scale info. You may want to start by just using a simple 10 ft. square to try and get a grip on how the two programs are scaling your DXF to DW export/import. It really doesn't matter what size you choose, however, use something simple that you can determine what the size is changed to when it is imported into DesignWorkshop. DesignWorkshop by default uses an import Scale Factor of 0.08333333 (1/12). That is, it assumes that the DXF is created in units of 'inches' and DW uses units of 'feet'. This works effectively most of the time, because most DXF's are in fact created in the 'inches' scale factor; however, sometimes you may have to make adjustment. After you run a quick test to determine what you are getting, you can simply resize the entire import using this method: select all; group; scale up or down using 'edit/scale'; ungroup. PC users can also quickly change DW's Import Scale Factor to match whatever needs they have. You can simply change the 0.08333333 ImportScaleFactor setting in the DW.ini file. You first have to know, however, what you are getting at present before you can make any changes. What are you getting know? Good luck!



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