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Message - radiance desktop can't get to work

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Posted by  Greg McHugh on August 16, 2001 at 22:37:35:

I'm working off the notes from Daniel Zajic, March 19, 2001. I'm running autocad 14 + radiance desktop. I don't seem to be able to get a .pict file exported out of DW Pro.
I've got the dw.mat file copied as text into my exported .rif folder.
I've taken the dw pro textures and materials / raidance support / dw textures for radiance files copied into the c:\radiance\lib folder.

I'm really confused when Daniel says "Now, switch to your .rif directory and run "rad myproject.rif" and you should get a pic file with the same name as your .rif file. WHAT does it mean to "run rad my project.rif", do I do this somehow in autocad 14?

I can open winimage.exe, but don't see any .pict files to open.

Is winimage.exe where I'll ultimately see my exported dw pro rendered image?
Help please... I think I'm close but seriously don't have a clue!


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