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Posted by  pam on August 17, 2001 at 16:24:17:




o VISTAPRO WINDOWS DEMO RELEASED has just released the Windows Demo for VistaPro 4.10!

Tons of new upgrades and special features grace the NEW VistaPro. With
this demo you will be able to render to your hearts desire
and get a very good feel for the 3D power that VistaPro will bring to
your desktop!

The world was created in 7 days, VistaPro can do it in 7 seconds.
VistaPro is an ultra fast landscape generating program that uses DEMs
(Digital Elevation Maps) to turn 2D topographical data, into beautiful 3D
terrains. Create scenic fly-throughs, explore distant planets, or create
your own landscapes all in a fractal of a minute.

The Windows demo is just a 1.7Mb download and comes fully packed

Get the new demo at:

Founded in 1995, Monkey Byte has developed entertainment titles ranging
from children's edutainment to 3D multi-player games, and continues to
expand it's software publishing role with increased focuses upon the
independent software and music scenes.

Come and play with us!

To learn more visit:



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