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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on August 18, 2001 at 22:59:57:

Dear Friends of Architecture,

.... and friends of Building, Home Design, and many other Spatial

How should a 3D designer or homeowner react to the sudden recent
slowdown of economic growth?

For most people, it's an important and rather personal question.
With low interest rates, real estate and construction are remaining
strong, and home ownership represents one of the best personal

With economic clouds gathering, however, it might be a good time to
watch costs, to make sure we get the most out of what we've already
paid for. It might not be the best time to risk several thousand
dollars on a top-heavy traditional CAD system. But still, good
cost-effective tools are an important part of working efficiently.

With these thoughts in mind, we're focusing this edition of the
Artifice News on upgrades, discount offers, a back-to-school
special, and several free resources, to help you maximize the value
of your design tools investment, without spending a lot in the
process. For homeowner and design professional alike, this is a
great time for the kind of focused, inexpensive, high-quality design
tools and media that Artifice is famous for.

What does the current economic climate mean to you? How can
Artifice help? Drop us a line at "". We always
appreciate hearing your thoughts!

Best wishes,

Kevin Matthews
Artifice, Inc.

PS: The Artifice Newsletter uses strictly our own
'active-opt-in-only' email list. That means at some point you asked
to get our updates - most likely when downloading DesignWorkshop
Lite - but of course you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time.
Instructions for getting off of - or onto - our email list are
included at the end of this email.


Artifice News in Brief - August 2001

FREE RESOURCES free magazine Forums
DesignWorkshop for Macintosh free updates
DesignWorkshop Machines

Art*lantis 4.0 Rendering and Animation
ModelPAK2 and more from ByteSyze

DesignWorkshop Pro & Great Buildings CD-ROM

Billable Rendering Services at RenderCity



Good information is always going to be valuable in this new
millennium. With economic belt-tightening, it becomes even more
important to get the best information, quickly, and
cost-effectively: is the premiere free magazine of design and
building worldwide. This totally modern 100% electronic magazine
covers leading home designs, building projects, and planning ideas
with weekly features across six continuing departments.
Subscriptions to the weekly announcement email are free, too.

Additional resources at ArchitectureWeek include a professional
directory of several thousand design firms, and a rapidly growing
Web directory. Be sure to use these free research tools whenever
they fit your needs. And if you have a design firm, or design and
building related web site, be sure to take advantage of their free
marketing value with a free submission.


Knowledgeable people are a great resource when it comes to getting
technical help, sharing design ideas, or making buying decisions.
The forums at let you connect with knowledgeable
peers anytime, at your own convenience, or just join in with ongoing
intelligent conversations on architecture, DesignWorkshop modeling
and rendering, PowerCADD design and drafting, and 3D CAD in general.

Architecture Forum --

DesignWorkshop Forum --

PowerCADD Forum

Open 3D CAD Forum

Design Students Forum

When it comes time to mine the 30,000+ online messages at for information already covered, don't forget
the recently-upgraded internal full-text search engine:

*** FREE UPDATES -- DesignWorkshop for Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS X

Attention Macintosh Users -- The long-awaited updates to
DesignWorkshop Lite, Classic, and Professional for compatibility
with Mac OS 9.1 and Mac OS X are now in final testing. These free
updates will be available soon through general distribution.
DesignWorkshop Lite users with an immediate need for this update can
access this temporary application-only download:

DesignWorkshop Classic and Professional registered owners needing
immediate access should contact Artifice Support at

*** FREE TOOLS -- DesignWorkshop Machines

Attention All DesignWorkshop Users -- If you're not using the
DesignWorkshop Online Machines, you might be spending more time than
necessary on complex modeling tasks. Check out these simple utilities
for turbo-charging DesignWorkshop, and then use them -- whenever it
works for you. The price is right -- 100% free online!

DesignWorkshop Tree Machine -- custom 3D tree objects

DesignWorkshop Tree Machine -- quick efficient lathed objects

DesignWorkshop Lofting Machine -- lofted shapes like a boat hull

DesignWorkshop Contour Machine -- quick 3D terrain models

*** EFFECTIVE ACCESSORIES -- Artlantis 4.0 Rendering and Animation

If you're using DesignWorkshop effectively for 3D modeling and
visualization, perhaps it is time to add to your services and
competitiveness with advanced presentation rendering capabilities.
Artlantis is the tool for the job, with a good price, and
practically no learning curve to set back schedules.

If you're not familiar yet with what Artlantis rendering can add to
your DesignWorkshop 3D building model, take a look at a couple of
beautiful projects recently submitted to the DesignWorkshop User

Rehabarama Renderings by Andrea Starkey

Italian Style Duplex by Jeff Morgan

If you're already using Art*lantis, but aren't up to version 4.0
yet, take a look at our limited time offer bundling the upgrade
with additional shaders.

Special pricing on a software/shaders bundle package for new
Artlantis users is available through August 31, 2001 at this
temporary URL:

Special pricing on an upgrade/shaders bundle package for existing
Artlantis users is available through September 27, 2001 at this
temporary URL:


If you're a design professional, your modeling time has some dollar
value. If so, I guarantee the more that you use designer 3D objects
from ByteSyze Studio, the farther ahead you'll be. Or your money
back! The latest gorgeous collection from Bob Sprague is ModelPAK2,
including classic and radical furnishings from famous designers:

*** BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL -- DesignWorkshop Pro & Great Buildings

Value is in mind going back to school this fall, too. Get totally
equipped now at an unheard of price with our back-to-school special
bundle. For qualified educational purchasers, DesignWorkshop
Professional Academic Edition and the Great Buildings Collection on
CD-ROM are bundled for just $149.95 through September. Combine
design-oriented 3D modeling perfect for studio projects, with the
premiere desktop architecture reference, and let your imagination
soar! (Limit one per customer.)

Special pricing is available through September 30, 2001 at this
temporary URL:

*** PROJECT-BASED BILLING -- Automated Service at

How can a design professional turn rendering from a cost sink to a
profit center instantly? Project-based service billing could do the

The idea of project-based service billing is to legitimately
externalize costs, so rendering charges are invoiced as project
costs like reprographic charges.

Using desktop rendering software in-house, cost externalization may
be difficult. But using ASP rendering software like Radiance Online
at RenderCity, project-based billing is a cinch. Contact Artifice
Sales at "" for more information on project-based
billing and RenderCity membership.


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