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Message - Radiance fatal error

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Posted by  Greg McHugh on August 20, 2001 at 19:57:09:

Hey guys...
Your problem student in radiance finally had a break through with all of your kind and patient help! Exporting my 3d radiance view as a file with emphasis on the .rad solved part of my problem. Next I revisited my dw.mat file and found that I put it in as a dw.mat.txt file, (despite the many warnings).

I put my .rad .mat .rif and my dw.mat files into c:\radiance\bin directory....

Opened my MSDOS window (in c:\radiance\bin) and it read:

Then I added: rad "my project.rif" (The whole command read:
c:\radiance\bin>rad "my project.rif")

BINGO, finally some action!

oconv test.mat dw. mat test. rad > test.oct
fatal - : undefined modifier "colorpict"
rad: error generating octree
test.oct removed

My DW Radiance .pic files are in their original DW Pro folder and sitting in the radiance\lib file folder.

I have a fatal error but I feel like I'm starting to get into the game.

My Operating system is MS NT2000 Pro.

Can any one recognize this problem or offer any suggestions...




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