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Message - Radiance fatal - cannot find picture file...

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Posted by  Greg McHugh on September 03, 2001 at 10:46:18:

I'm not acquiring a pict file for radiance. Getting the following error in my progress file:

*** PID 748: rpict -t 120 -e progress -vtv -vp 29.9014 -51.7907 32.6138 -vd -29.9014 51.7907 -27.6138 -vu 0 0 1 -vh 75 -vv 75 -vs 0 -vl 0 -x 1024 -y 1024 -ps 6 -pt .08 -dp 512 -ar 16 -ms 1.5 -ds .3 -dt .1 -dc .5 -dr 1 -sj .7 -st .1 -ab 2 -aa .2 -ad 400 -as 64 -av 10 10 10 -lr 6 -lw .002 test.oct

0 rays, 0.00% after 0.0003 hours
fatal - cannot find picture file "Brick-Norman-Brown.pic"

my project file contains the following files:
dw.mat (downloaded from artifice site and converted from html to txt, then renamed "dw" with a .mat file extention




progress - (see note above)



Note: page 1 of Artifice "Radiance Materials Files for Design Workshop Textures", paragraph 3, sentence 2 states: Change the base filename for the copied standard .mat file to match the .rad and .rif files for the project before attempting to render with Radiance. I believed this to mean to delete the test.mat file and re-name my dw.mat fiile to test.mat. Error reads, cannot fine dw.mat. When I put it back, I get the above fatal error in progress.

By a fluke I tried the "carpet - handmade" texture in artifice and got a "shaded" image in radiance with no actual image. Upon investigation of the materials list I found:

# Carpet-Handmade
# (full face texture, not being dealt with yet -- 970701-maw)

That explained the shaded only image and at least demonstrated I could get radiance to run.

I've placed the dw pro cd version of radiance files in c:\radiance\lib

Do I have my .pict images in the wrong place?

Am I naming "dw" with .mat extention incorrectly?

Close but no cigar...



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