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Posted by  Frank DaCosta on September 04, 2001 at 15:12:28:

In Reply to:  Radiance fatal - cannot find picture file... posted by Greg McHugh on September 03, 2001 at 10:46:18:

1. Where have you placed your DW texture files (Brick-Norman-Brown, etc)?

2. Do they have a .pic extension?

It is probably a pathing issue, just like your earlier one. Radiance is probably not finding the directory where those texture files are.

To test the theory, copy Brick-Norman-Brown.pic into your project directory; that way it will definitely find it. Then try a build and see if you get a new error on another texture file. If so, that's the problem.

Obviously one way to shotgun the process is to copy *all* of your texture files into your project directory, just to get all of the way through a successful build.

The right way: if your texture files are in c:\radiance\lib, enter:

path %path%;c:\radiance\lib

That will add that directory to the path so the applications can find the textures.

In all of this, I'm assuming that your texture files are proper .pic files (Radiance pictures). If they don't have an extension at all, that won't do, because they'd probably be Macintosh .pict files in reality, and would need converting. But I suspect you have .pic files and just need to deal with the path thing.

Closer and closer!
Frank DaCosta


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