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Posted by  David Owen on September 10, 2001 at 17:49:11:

In Reply to:  Is this the right package? posted by bruce on September 08, 2001 at 22:05:29:

Dear Bruce,

Thank you for writing to Artifice. It sounds like you've made great progress with DesignWorkshop Lite already!

I'll address each of your questions below:

"does the CLASSIC version do non-architectural stuff? It just says architectural, but no mention of other 3d design..."

Although DesignWorkshop is geared toward architectural design, it has certainly been used for a variety of other design and 3D visualization needs, as I'm sure some regular visitors to the forum can tell you.

Our online machines are great utilties that augment DesignWorkshop's built-in tools. With the online machines, you can create a a nearly limitless range of complex objects in standard DesignWorkshop file format.

Just click on the linked name of any machine to learn more about it.

"How do you apply a "skin" to a design?"

What you referred to as "a skin," we call Materials. With DesignWorkshop LIte, you can choose from among over 150 predefined materials and lights. DesignWorkshop Classic and Professional have higher resolution versions of the same textures.

To assign a material, first select one object or group. Next select a predefined material from the Object Info windoid's Material popup menu. To see materials rendered on your model, you'll need to select the "View menu -> Lights & Textures" command.

With any version of DesignWorkshop, it's also pretty easy to create your own custom textures from a digital image file. You can read more about adding custom materials in the Materials and Rendering Tips section of our User Guide

"What is the main differences between "classic" and "pro"... Since I am just a tinkerer, I don't want to get cought up in the $500 price tag".

Based your description, we would suggest DesignWorkshop Classic for your needs. The core user interface and tools are the same between all the versions of DesignWorkshop. The main difference between DesignWorkshop Lite, Classic and Professional lies in the number of objects that can be saved in a model file:

DesignWorkshop Lite - 100 objects or fewer per model file.
DesignWorkshop Classic - 1,000 objects per model file.
DesignWorkshop Professional - No built-in limit.

Other differences include advanced file import/export and rendering options, as well as the number and kind of 3D object libraries and other accessories that are included in each package. To learn more about the specific feature differences, just visit our online side by side comparison.

If you purchase DesignWorkshop Classic and find that you really needmore power, you can upgrade to DesignWorkshop Professional with a $100 discount.

When you're ready, you can purchase DesignWorkshop Classic or Professional online, directly through our internet store or by phone, fax or mail. Just visit our store web site for more information.

Please let us kow whenever you may have further questions or other suggestions for how we may be of service.

Best wishes,

David Owen


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