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Posted by  Gary on September 15, 2001 at 11:01:58:

On the PowerCadd Board Chuck said:

"Giving away trade secrets is dangerous Chuck!! lol"

As a billionaire, I can afford it.

3D......Hmmmmmmmm! Glad you asked.

The demand for it at work dropped off after the Texas project.

I would use it more but for two things:

1. DW runs great on my Windows machine but not so hot on my Mac's.
The iMac with OS 9.0.1 runs DW better than the Titaniuum with OS 9.1.

In fact 9.1 is dreadful. I think DW knows this. They told me not to use DW with 9.1.

I recently downloaded DW Mac pro 1.8.6b2US from DW but still I cannot
open my "Opus", (My largest file created on Windows) with either Mac machine.

DW quitting when saving happens a lot too....wears ya down.

2. I have not figgered out how to draw compound curves or shapes. Learning and using this skill would be a huge asset but I simply cavitate in this area. When I make the
breakthru...I can work around problem 1. above.

Bob Sprague has spent a huge amount of time with me trying to explain the process...even making a piece I still use today. I still don't get it. After looking at Bob's
beautiful furniture, I KNOW its possible.

Perhaps I am dimentionally challanged?


Chuck, I imagine that the update for 9.1 problems will be out soon. I am not sure of the timing. I actually have lost track of whether it is officially out yet for reasons I will not explain. You might ask them ormaybe they will respond. The update should prove to be much more stable.

As for complex shapes, what I would suggest is starting with "simple complex" (Talk about a contradiction...but you know what I mean!) shapes. Start with an easy spline drawn in PCadd. Then save as dxf and use that to send to the lathe or lofting machine. Don't expect to get to Bobs level right away. (Hell, he is in a league by himself and does this for a living (I that right Bob?)!)

Give it a try and if you're still having trouble let me know. The key, nothing against DW, is to draw in PC so you can accomplish the detail and accuracy THEN bring it into DW. Let me know how it goes.

On the stability issue, send me a file you are having trouble with and I can see how it works on my machine. Tell me what operations casue the instability and I will try to duplicate. After all, I'd hate to have to have you work on that Windows box more than you have to!

Have a great weekend,


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