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Posted by  Chuck on September 15, 2001 at 12:13:29:

In Reply to:  DW issues posted by Gary on September 15, 2001 at 11:01:58:

Thanks Gary,

How considerate to get 3D topic out of a 2D discussion. What a gentleman!!! LOL

I understand the the lathing process and am able to use it.

I have not used nor tried the lofting machine. I'll look into that shortly!

Bob Sprague descibed a method of "pulling" say a curved plate into yet another curved shape,(Compound) using the shape as a template. He described everything in concise detail but I'm afraid I missed a step somewhere.

My world remains 2D. I now use PCADD almost daily (as in earning money). Not bad as it's not even in my job description! LOL. In DW's defense, I have not invested near the time studying DW as I have with PCADD. All my CAD discussions turn to 3D at some point in time. Dedicating more time to DW is in order. I use DW and windows with confidence at work. Most of my company equipment is already drawn and stored so the actual drawing time is very low. (The whole idea anyway...I think)

I have never developed much confidence with DW on my Mac's because it quits at the worse possible time. I guess, over time, I have shied away from using DW. At present, DW is not the "squeeky wheel" or I would spend more time in this forum.

I am doing more CAD on the side (Word of mouth stuff) and hope to become fluent in both programs. I'm happy to own DW and confident it will run on my Mac OS like PCADD someday.

As I stated when I first started corresponding with you, I had no computer experience. Learning PowerCADD has help me use other programs. My learning curve with computers is pretty verticle now. My confidence with PCADD is huge and productive.

Someday I'll breakdown that compond curve barrrier and enjoy the symbiosis using both programs.



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