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Posted by  Kevin Matthews on November 22, 2002 at 14:29:45:

Dear Friends of Architecture and Design,

This Artifice newsletter for the holiday season offers gift ideas
for architectural aficionados, running from light to deep, little
to big, silly to serious, and priced from free and up.

They're all focused one way or another on beautiful buildings and
places, and on tools for creating and understanding them.

If you're interested, below you'll find some things we'd love to
give and to get ourselves. Architecture is universal - a great
subject of gifts for both the mind and spirit. We've collected a
few of our favorites, both low tech and high tech, with a range of
prices to fit any budget. If you were on our list last year, you'll
find a few timeless repeats, and a bunch of new ideas, too.

We've chosen most of these suggestions so they will keep giving long
after the wrapping paper has been scrunched up and recycled. All
these items are available for easy and secure online purchasing,
mostly either at or direct from Artifice.

As scary as the world seems to be these days, right at home is one
of the best places to invest. There's never a better time than right
now for sharing beauty and love.

Best wishes for a happy solstice,

Kevin Matthews
Artifice, Inc.


Artifice News November Headlines (details below)

- Holiday specials on DesignWorkshop®, Artlantis, GBC bundles
- Classic Home Collection on CD-ROM - holiday free offer!
- Architecture Gift Ideas - Free
- Architecture Gift Ideas - Under $25
- Architecture Gift Ideas - Under $75
- Architecture Gift Ideas - Over $75
- Update - What's Next for DesignWorkshop?
- Update - DesignWorkshop for Max OS X?


*** Architectural Gift Ideas - Free Gifts

Draw your friend a dream house

Not the complete construction documents, because we don't want to put the
local architect out of business. But what about a friendly sketch, maybe
for Mom and Dad, or for that especially significant other, which shows
architecturally that you know and cherish who they are, where they could
live, and how much you believe in them? Perspective, plan and/or
elevation, whatever works for you will work for them, too. Or if the
whole house is too much, how about sketching out that new kitchen concept?

Advanced - Build them a live 3D walkthrough model with DW Lite, and then
give a guided tour. FREE!

ArchitectureWeek Online Subscription
ArchitectureWeek is the leading professional magazine of design and
building, published weekly on the web with news and features on design,
building, digital media, and building culture. The free subscription
delivers our weekly architecture headlines newsletter direct to the
recipient's email inbox. FREE!

DesignWorkshop Lite Download
How about downloading the free version of DesignWorkshop Lite to
your friend's computer (and don't forget the Tutorial!), and then
writing up a personal gift certificate to go with it. If you happen
to already know DesignWorkshop, throw in a couple of personal
lessons, and give an experience of 3D realization which you can
share forever. Or make a plan to learn DesignWorkshop together!
Fun! FREE!

*** Architectural Gift Ideas Under $25

Patterns of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design
This hot new practical and beautiful book by insightful co-authors
of Alexander's original Pattern Language explores a focused
collection of fundamental home design patterns, presenting Pattern
Language essences at work in a series of gorgeously livable
contemporary houses (including some by super
contributors!). $20.97

Flatland : A Romance of Many Dimensions
This amazing metaphorical novel of geometry is as new and
mind-expanding today as it was when first published in 1880.

Experiencing Architecture
I Recommend This Every Year -- for good reason! Experiencing
Architecture, by Steen Eiler Rasmussen, is not your typical big
architectural picture book. It's actually a regular little
paperback, with adequate grayscale photographs. But the lack of
color pictures is more than made up by Rasmussen's quietly vivid
expression of architectural ideas. This is absolutely my number one
must-read on what Architecture is, and why we love it, for aspiring
architects and students, and it will be a real pleasure for anyone
interested in the beauty and meaning of the built world. Appropriate
for adults and thoughtful high school students. $18.95


Beautiful images of the World Trade Center and dozens of other
design classics. We offer this selection of posters and art prints
of Great Buildings through our partnership with
Priced from a few dollars and up.


Frank Gehry, Architect 2003 Calendar
Now seems to be Frank Gehry's moment in history. Get the calendar,
and sing along! Beautiful images drawn from the New York Guggenheim
exhibition on Gehry. $11.16

Smith and Hawken Secret Garden Calendar 2003
"The Secret Garden Calendar presents a year of lush and peaceful
retreats, each a tucked-away gem with layer upon layer of delights.
A flower-filled paradise glimpsed through a rose-entwined arch.
Behind a mosaic wall, a garden of exotic succulents. A cottage,
engulfed in greenery, opening onto a reflective pond." $8.76

365 Days in Italy Calendar 2003
Wall calendar from the roots of western architecture. $9.56

365 Days in France
Another photo-rich wall calendar. $9.56

Architecture 2003 Engagement Calendar
A whole year of A.I.A. photo contest winning images. $11.16

Sierra Club 2003 Wilderness Calendar
Yes, it is too. Nature is the sun that shines, the wind that
breathes, and the true mother of architecture. The annual
Wilderness Calendar is a perennial favorite, and a daily delight,
steeped with Earth's perfect places. $9.56


Eyewitness Travel Guide to Europe
The DK travel guides have set a new standard for guide books with
vivid architectural illustrations, with cutaways, axonometrics, and
detailed maps. $21.00

Above Various Cities ...beautiful aerial picture books for the
dedicated urbaphile:

Above Paris
Above London
Above New York
Above Chicago
$20.65 each

Paris : Portrait of a City
"If you are the kind of person whose travel photos contain lots of
shots of interesting doors, building facades and architectural
details you should find this book delightful." $9.95

Usonia, New York : Building a Community With Frank Lloyd Wright

Manhattan Unfurled
Unique! Opens into a 22 foot long panorama of the Manhattan skyline.

Photographing the World Around You : A Visual Design Workshop

Modern Architecture : Photographs by Ezra Stoller
This book by the master of architectural photography is a visual
treasure catalog of the high modernism of the 20th century. A rich
design resource, and one of my lasting personal favorites. $24.98
(recommended last year at $70!)


Classic Building Blocks
70 alphabet, number, and natural blocks by My Kids Toy. $9.95
135 colored blocks by Stromberg. $19.95
200 colored blocks, $29.95

Complete Origami/an A-Z of Facts and Folds, With Step-By-Step
Instructions for over 100 Projects


The Bathroom Idea Book - Taunton Press
"Anyone who views the book's 400 color photos will have clearer
ideas about what they absolutely love, simply appreciate and
definitely detest in bathroom design." Combine with the
DesignWorkshop Classic Kitchen Design special! $17.47

The Kitchen Idea Book - Taunton Press
"Everyone's got a different dream kitchen, whether it's a serene
Arts & Crafts-style kitchen, a bustling farmhouse kitchen, or an
up-to-the-minute gourmet kitchen with hand-selected granite
countertops and professional-level appliances. The nice thing about
The Kitchen Idea Book is its accessibility: it doesn't assume a
particular budget level, layout, style, or set of functions, but
offers a wealth of ideas to suit every taste and pocketbook."
Combine with the DesignWorkshop Classic Bath Design special! $17.47

The Not So Big House Collection:
The Not So Big House and Creating the Not So Big House
"Sarah Susanka's best-selling books, The Not So Big House and Creating the
Not So Big House, are available for the first time in one slipcase
set. These two volumes offer all of Sarah Susanka's trendsetting
architectural ideas in one handsome package." $24.00

Not So Big Solutions for Your Home
"'Do more with less space' is the key concept of this down-to-earth
design guide for both new home builders and remodelers. Not So Big
Solutions for Your Home provides simplified design principles in
jargon-free language for the nonprofessional contemplating a
residential building project." $13.77

A Good House Is Never Done
"Wheatman's words and wisdom will guide you through the process ...
of making your house ... a place of inspiration, beauty, and
vitality." -- Sarah Susanka. $15.57

*** Architectural Gift Ideas Under $75

Classic Home Collection on CD-ROM
It's a convenient CD-ROM collection of more than 60 classic homes in
3D design models, from colonial houses and craftsman bungalows to
Modernist villas and classical mansions, at an unbeatable price.
Each design is represented with a fully editable DesignWorkshop home
design model and a ready-to-walkthrough 3DMF VR model, plus simple
JPEG plans and background info. Save more than half off the
regular price! Also includes selected 3D furniture objects, and
DesignWorkshop Lite software for 3D model viewing and basic editing.
Holiday Special $29.95 (save $20)

* Or buy DesignWorkshop Classic or Pro thru December 31, 2002
and receive the Classic Home Collection on CD-ROM for free! *

Building Construction Illustrated, 3rd Edition
An architecture student essential! "This time-tested introduction
to the principles of building construction offers both written and
visual descriptions of each stage of the design process, including
site selection, building components, mechanical systems, and
finishes. Over 1,000 line drawings provide clear illustrations."

Cool, modern, seductive, inspiring. by Eva Jiricna. $31.50

Architecture Now
Hot and cool recent projects by established architects on the
international scene, including many current masters. $40.00

In Detail : Single Family Housing
"Fifteen [stylish contemporary] international examples, reviewing
the most important aspects of construction including the use of
wood, steel, brickwork and concrete... All plans and details from
the base to the roof have been painstakingly researched and the
uniform presentation makes the information immediately accessible,
inviting comparison and analysis." For serious designers, by
Christian Schittich. $49.00

In Detail: Building Skins: Concepts, Layers, Materials
For serious designers, by Christian Schittich. $90.00

International Design Yearbook 17 (International Design Yearbook, 17)
Twelve months worth of the latest domestic design eye food:
furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles, and products. $59.50

Give Architecture Books - On Any Topic
Not finding it here? There are so many great architectural books!
At our Books and New Books pages online, we've listed a longer
selection of favorite books of the editors of ArchitectureWeek,
listed by topic, along with a convenient book search
function. For young friends, an architectural survey in an area of
interest can hit the spot. If you can find out one of your friend's
favorite architects, a new book on that architect's work is pretty
sure to be a hit. Books for individual architects and buildings are
listed online throughout

Leatherman 67010103H Wave with Deluxe Leather Belt Sheath
Sometimes the designer just needs to get down, get real, and get her
hands dirty! "The Wave is the flagship of the Leatherman line, and
we would argue that it's the company's most versatile multitool to
date. It comes loaded with 17 different tools, including everything
from pliers to screwdrivers to wire cutters." $56.99

*** Architectural Gift Ideas Over $75.00


Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM
see also --
Holiday special price! The premiere multimedia encyclopedia of
world architecture is also the best selling architecture CD-ROM at With twice as much material as the award-winning web site, The Great Buildings Collection on
CD-ROM is available for both Windows 95/98/XP/ME/NT/2000 and
This CD-ROM contains the equivalent of a whole personal
architecture library, on one chock-full, fully searchable 600MB
CD-ROM. Also includes DesignWorkshop Lite live 3D walkthrough and
creative modeling software. The definitive gift for any
architecture student, and a perfect studio companion. With updated
full-color images. Holiday Special $99.95! (save $50)

DesignWorkshop Classic with Great Buildings Bundle
This exclusive Holiday 2002 bundle combines modeling and reference:
the complete DesignWorkshop Classic Home Design software package
with the Great Buildings Collection on CD-ROM. DesignWorkshop
Classic provides powerful architectural 3D modeling and rendering
functions used by professional architects around the world, yet it
is still easy enough for a teenager to master in a day. The Great
Buildings CD-ROM contains the equivalent of a whole personal
architecture library, on one chock-full, fully searchable 600MB
CD-ROM. The combination makes our most complete 3D architecture and
design learning package ever, and a really outstanding value.
Holiday Special $159.95! (save $90)


DesignWorkshop Classic Kitchen Design
DesignWorkshop Classic Home Design bundled with KitchenPAK, superb
3D cabinets, appliances, and cooking entourage models and materials
from ByteSyze, makes the ultimate system for live 3D kitchen
Holiday Special $199.95 (save $50)

DesignWorkshop Classic Bath Design
DesignWorkshop Classic Home Design bundled with BathPAK, elegant,
accurate 3D baths, showers, sinks, faucets, water closets, accessory
furniture and custom materials from ByteSyze, makes the ultimate
system for live 3D residential and commercial bath visualization.
Holiday Special $199.95 (new bundle!)

DesignWorkshop Classic with Artlantis Bundle
This holiday special combines modeling, rendering, and animation.
Through December 31th only, DesignWorkshop Classic Home Design
software, normally $99.95, is bundled together with Artlantis
software for architectural rendering, animation, and VR movies,
normally $495. This combination of ease and power is offered for
less than the normal price of Artlantis by itself.
Holiday Special $399.95 (save $200)


Architectural Graphic Standards CD-ROM: Version 3.0
The classic studio technical reference of the U.S., highly accessible
in CD-ROM format. $425.00

ByteSyze MasterPAK Bundle
The definitive complete collection of incomparable ByteSyze 3D
modeling object entourage, bundling KitchenPAK, BathPAK, ModelPAK,
and ModelPAK2. For experienced DesignWorkshop Pro users only.
Holiday Special $599.95 (save $210)

Artlantis 4.5 Upgrade Holiday Special Prices

DesignWorkshop Professional with Artlantis Bundle
This is the max for the season, and a great value, too. Through
December 31st only, the complete DesignWorkshop Professional
software, normally $499, is bundled together with Artlantis Render
4.5, normally $495. Please see for product details.
Holiday Special $599.95 (save $400)


Artifice News in Brief - November 2002

- Holiday specials on DesignWorkshop, Artlantis, GBC bundles
- Classic Home Collection on CD-ROM - holiday free offer!
- What's Next for DesignWorkshop?
- DesignWorkshop for Mac OS X


*** SPECIAL - Radical Holiday Prices on Artifice Bundles!

See links in architecture gift suggestions above. Buy now
and save up to $400 on selected Artifice products and bundles.

*** SPECIAL - Free Offer for Classic Home Collection on CD-ROM

Buy DesignWorkshop Classic or Professional between November 15
and December 31, 2002, and get the new Classic Home Collection
on CD-ROM absolutely free. Just present proof of purchase to
Artifice for any DesignWorkshop Classic or DesignWorkshop
Professional 3D design software product purchase during the same
period, and receive the Classic Home Collection on CD-ROM
absolutely free.
Free -- normally $49.95.

*** UPDATE - What's Next for DesignWorkshop?

DesignWorkshop, 'the virtual building toolkit(tm)', design-oriented
architectural 3D modeling software, with its patented user interface
and unique feature-based solid-modeling 'productivity of use(tm)'
is going strong, with year 2002 sales tracking at 30% above the
previous year.

As a matter of policy, at Artifice we generally don't discuss
future products. But some of the iceberg tips of the deep
engineering work underway can be observed from public sources, or
other occasional announcements.

For the last three years we've been hosting and contributing to
the Quesa open source 3D geometry and graphics system, and this
exciting project is now roughly one chunk away from its initial
end user release. The technically inclined can watch the progress
of the Quesa project online at:

That's important for DesignWorkshop, because the next major release
is being built on top of the sophisticated Quesa system.

Another publicly observable breakthrough is the conceptual
design energy analysis tool, combining the GeoPraxis Green Building
Studio with a powerful DesignWorkshop plug-in module to provide
accurate one-click energy performance simulation from early-stage
architectural design models. Joint work on the initial two year
R&D project has been wrapped up, and the tools are poised to begin
beta testing.

Less obvious is the feature-based boolean geometry system under the
hood of the energy design tool. Developed by Artifice as next-
generation DesignWorkshop technology, this technology also handles
magic of deriving a clean energy analysis model, with DOE2-ready
geometry, from just about whatever sketchy conceptual or schematic
modeling the architect has pulled together.

In other words, we're working hard on bringing the next generation
of DesignWorkshop to your fingertips. When you do get to see it,
we hope you'll agree it presents as much of a leap forward in '3D
designability(tm)' as the first DesignWorkshop did nine years ago.

For now, though, we're going to put that velvet hood back over the
crystal ball, and ask you to focus back on what DesignWorkshop can
do for you here and now today. Here are a few of the comments we've
gotten recently from some of the newest DesignWorkshop users:

"Thanks a lot for this amazing software, for the quality and the
free spirit." - from France

"I hadn't ever looked into DW although I am a CAD/CAM professional
and Autodesk 3rd party dealer. I'm very impressed."

"I've been working with DesignWorkshop 1.8 for the Mac... It's a
fantastic, fast, compact, crash-free program with a wonderful Mac

"I recently downloaded the free version of DesignWorkshop and quickly
worked through the tutorial for the cottage. I came away wanting
more! The ease of this program is something I have been looking
for a long time."

"Amazing that any company has so easy product as yours. Without
reading anything, I began copying the plan for my future house."

"I have been on the programme all day learning how to use it. The
Help and Tutorial are really good. I am using it to draw our house
and try some landscaping designs. Thanks for making this available
as I would never have ... experienced the creativity available.
I will be using it far more than I intended to initially, not
realising how good the programme would be." - from New Zealand

We'd love to hear from you, too! Kudos are great, and they keep
us going, but if you have a problem with DesignWorkshop, we feel
that's our problem too. So let us know! Whenever you may have a
question, please don't hesitate to ask the support team at "".

*** UPDATE - DesignWorkshop for Mac OS X

Here's one more comment, of a type we're hearing more and more often
from our Mac users"

"Any plans for an OS X version? I now no longer keep OS 9
installed, except on one machine - to run DesignWorkshop!"

We are firmly committed to continued support for Macintosh as well
as Windows. And the future of Macintosh is clearly OS X, which is
really a terrific operating system - powerful, reliable, easy to use
and to maintain, and also highly cost-effective.

Unfortunately, the internal technology used for DesignWorkshop 1.8.6
for Macintosh will not translate easily to run natively on Mac OS X.
And as a small, specialized architectural design software company,
we have to maintain our focus to be able to keep bringing you products.

What this means is that it just doesn't make sense for us to try to
provide a native Mac OS X version of DesignWorkshop as a separate
project from our ongoing cross-platform work on DesignWorkshop next
generation. See the notes above for a few glimpses into that process.

It may be a nuisance to run the Classic environment in Mac OS X, and
it is certainly uncool - though I do it every day myself, not just
for DesignWorkshop. But RAM is cheap, and DW on Classic is just as
powerful and effective a mac-based 3D design tool as it has ever been.

We sincerely appreciate the concern of Mac users in this area, and
it is a major factor in our ongoing work. As that progresses, we also
sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. I hope that
sometime before 50% of Mac users are on Mac OS X, DesignWorkshop will
be, too.

*** DesignWorkshop users, watch for future editions of the Artifice News
with more announcements of exciting Artifice technology developments.


Please forward Architecture Gift Ideas 2002 to a friend!

To start your own free subscription to the Artifice News, please e-mail to
"", and in the body of your message write
"subscribe artifice_news", without the quotation marks. The subject
of the email message does not matter.

Whatever is on your mind, please feel free to drop us a line
anytime. Just email to "".

Best wishes from everyone at Artifice!

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