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Message - Mac OS X version in the works?

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Posted by  Scott Paine on February 11, 2004 at 09:18:07:

I know, I know... You don't pre-announce products.

Regardless, I hope you remain committed to a native OS X version of your product line, which I'd be happy to test for you!

I'm in need of *affordable* 3D architectural/project modeling software for home remodeling projects (read: home project budget) and I don't do Mac Classic. SketchUp is over budget and not really what I need anyway. QCad is excellent and cheap, but only 2D. I'd like your phased product line: free Lite version--> inexpensive Home version --> affordable Pro version and add-ons. Plus your support forum is way cool.

Other than checking in at your site and periodically, is there any way I can be notified when you release an OS X version?


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