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Posted by  ray debono on February 14, 2004 at 05:53:27:

I recently bought design workshop professional and am quite happy with it. However the program seems to have some bugs. Is there anywhere we can report this?

I have to close the model and reopen it again to do certain functions. These are a few simple but irritating problems.

If I am working in plan and then sue the eye tool to bring the model into perspective view and use the ctrl-alt keys to specify a viewpoint DW gives me a view from below the ground plane.

Each time I open a file the model gets ‘blocked’ in the top left corner of the screen and I have to restore and maximise the page to bring it to normal.

Sometimes during zooming in and out the program either crashes or all items disappear from the screen. I then have to close the program through windows using ctrl-alt / end task.

Also, is there a place on the web site where users can place their wish list that could be considered for future versions of the DW pro. Such as:

1. A list of recently used files in the file menu
2. A show measurements command that can be applied to walls, floor etc
3. Better printing options, scaled printing etc

I also have not figured how support at Artfice works. I sent a dozen e-mails before I bought the program and some other messages after but never got any reply. I used to think it was because if you where a DW Lite user your messages are ignored but now that I bought DW Pro my messages are still ignored. Have any of you experienced this?


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