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Posted by  Hank Roberts on February 29, 2004 at 13:41:16:

In Reply to:  Re: Mac OS X version in the works? posted by kenkuhlman on February 15, 2004 at 09:27:05:

Can someone verify success using "Classic" OS 9.2.2, with Design Workshop Classic?

I bought Classic in 2000, never was able to get it working (I'm not an architect, I needed a tool for home use, so haven't had either a lot of time or anyone to ask about it).

I came back after several years away hoping to find discussions among people actively using DW Classic under the current Mac OS.

I am still using an older Powerbook G3, so I can run the Classic OS 9.2.2 -- one of the reasons I did not buy a new Mac was to be able to run the old applications for a while longer.

But so far I haven't found a thread here with anyone actually using DW Classic on Mac OS routinely; pointer very welcome if there is an active discussion going on anywhere.

Problems I've been stumped by:
-- I could never 'trace' from a scanned file of an existing floorplan.
I always had to scan the drawing, then use paint tools to redraw all the lines by hand.

I was able then to 'wallify' but not to get the whole thing to work -- I'd have the program treat everything as a single image, try to invoke the 3-D walls, and get some but not all of them extending, and not be able to force all to be the proper 6" thickness and 9' height for the rooms.

A few years ago I concluded I simply couldn't start with an existing building floorplan and do anything but recreate it from scratch. If the auto-trace is working, is there any trick to it?

Again, please point me to any thread where there is already activity, if it's going on here.


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