4J school closures in South Eugene - which one?

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Should 4J merge Fox Hollow elem with Edgewood?

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4J school closures in South Eugene - which one?

Postby Amazon » Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:52 pm

4J school closures in South Eugene - which one?

I just completed the 4J survey that should help the district determine which, if any, elementary schools should be closed down or merged next year or beyond. The survey is quite comprehensive and allows for policy-level input (such as whether we prefer large schools or small), but does not seem to take into account neighborhood issues that we may have here in South Eugene.

For instance, Edgewood and Parker/Eastside both are situated in "school-type" areas near main artieriols and/or other schools (Edgewood is right next to Spencer Butte, which it feeds). On the other hand, Fox Hollow French Immersion Elem. is tucked back up in the hills behind what should be quiet, off-the-path communities. Granted, it’s a lovely location with good buildings and a nice playground, but many parents speed through the surrounding neighborhoods when they drop off and pick up their kids. The resulting traffic hazards may be a BIG ISSUE for our neighborhood, while it may not even be on the radar for 4J’s decision makers as they consider which schools to merge or close as enrollment drops.

Does our neighborhood group want to discuss this and provide input to 4J before they make a decision on which school (if any) to close?

Amazon Mom

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Fox Hollow should be closed

Postby Amazon » Tue Nov 27, 2007 10:57 pm

Other ideas, anyone?
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Keep Edgewood, it has better access

Postby SpamKiller » Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:16 pm

If we have to lose a local elementary school, I'd like it to be Fox Hollow French Immersion. It is kind of crazy in the morning with parents zipping around corners racing to drop off their kids. The roads that lead to Fox Hollow elementary weren't meant for fast commute traffic.

Edgewood is one block from Fox Hollow Rd, so drop-off traffic isn't routed through the back streets on their way to school. Plus Edgewood Elementary is right next to Spencer Butte Middle School, so parents with kids at both schools don't have to drive to different locations for each kid. Also, isn't the Spencer Butte/Edgewood soccer field slated to get a new artificial turf field soon? I'd say DEFINITELY keep Edgewood.

Is our neighborhood group going to discuss this so we can come up with a united position, or at least present traffic concerns to the 4J school district?
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