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Welcome to the Southeast Neighbors Discussion Forum

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2005 9:38 pm
by Kevin
Southeast Neighbors

Southeast Neighbors is a local neighborhood association representing the Southeast Neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon. Southeast Neighbors is officially recognized by the City of Eugene, and our president fills a standing seat on the Neighborhood Leaders Council (NLC).

As Southeast Neighbors, we care about the quality of life in our neighborhood, and we work together to maintain and improve it. Through our collective actions, consultative relationship with the City of Eugene, participation in the Neighborhood Leadership Council and other local groups, and through our many other relationships and organizational efforts, we share great opportunities to protect and contribute to the beautiful place we live in.

Historically active and politically involved, the Southeast Eugene neighborhood includes more than 13,000 residents in some 6000 households, or roughly 8% of the city of Eugene. This diverse area includes schools, businesses, low income housing, old and new developments, and affluent homes. It also includes substantial natural resources, including most of the remaining upland wildlife habitat in the City of Eugene.

First growth, old growth, and established second growth forest, steep slopes, vital headwaters and upland wetlands, resident threatened plants and animals, historical landslides and one or more documented earthquake faults add to the special character of the local landscape. Recognizing several unique aspects of our neighborhood, the City of Eugene has established special policies and goals for planning and development, through the South Hills Study and other documents.

Participation in Southeast Neighbors is warmly invited. Working together for the best for this great neighborhood is what we're all about! So please drop by this free online Discussion Forum from time to time, and share your thoughts about our special place and people.