ArchWeek Green 2010.0629

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ArchWeek Green 2010.0629

Postby Kevin » Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:14 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Friends,

ArchWeek Green, from the editors of the leading architecture magazine online, brings you weekly sustainable design and building news from around our planet.

We were in the midst of preparing this newsletter with a look at the intriguing HVAC approach of the Passivhaus standard, and in particular the mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system, when the following time-critical item came in from the Forest Stewardship Council:

"Those with a stake in the stewardship of the world's forests have until Sunday July 4th at 5 pm PST to file comments on the 4th draft of the USGBC Forest Certification Benchmark. We urge you to make your voices heard and let USGBC know that the current Benchmark still falls far short of 'exemplary forestry' and permits certification systems to be dominated and controlled by proponents of status quo forestry, rather than balanced between economic, social, and environmental interests.

"While the 4th draft of the Benchmark contains some positive revisions from the previous version, it nevertheless remains a substantial lowering of the bar compared with FSC's international Principles and Criteria and multi-stakeholder governance system. Under the current proposal, a forest certification system could be recognized by USGBC by simply meeting the prerequisite criteria.

"For comparison, based on our own assessment of the current benchmark draft, FSC meets all of the draft prerequisite criteria as well as 23 out of 29 (79%) of the optional credits. Should this version of the Benchmark go to USGBC membership ballot, the Forest Stewardship Council will be compelled to recommend a 'NO' vote. ..."

USGBC's Fourth Draft of the Forest Certification Benchmark Rewards Status Quo Forestry: An Open Letter from FSC-US President Corey Brinkema - 2010.0629 ... chmark.php

Your comments are invited here!

Green and Sustainable Design and Building News This Week
Obama, Senators Discuss Energy Bill - Reuters, 2010.0629 ... 2420100629
U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged lawmakers to put a
price on carbon pollution in an upcoming Senate energy bill, but
a meeting at the White House ended with no consensus, according
to some senators and congressional aides.

Europe's Enduring Coal Subsidies - New York Times, 2010.0628 ... subsidies/

Is a New Reactor Rust-Prone? - New York Times, 2010.0628 ... ust-prone/

Thick Oil Soils Mississippi Shore, Storm Looms - Reuters, 2010.0627

E.P.A. Lags on Setting Some Air Standards, Report Finds - New York Times, 2010.0627 ... 27epa.html

The Green Revolutionaries - Construction Week Online, 2010.0627 ... tionaries/

Blazing the Trail Toward a Greener England - New York Times, 2010.0625 ... ogbed.html

British PM Fears BP's "Destruction", Stock Plunges - Reuters, 2010.0625

A Solar Bulb May Light the Way - New York Times, 2010.0625 ... t-the-way/

Sweden's Gold Medal Winning Eco-Town - Your Olive Branch (blog), 2010.0624 ... -eco-town/

BP Is Pursuing Alaska Drilling Some Call Risky - New York Times, 2010.0624

Oil-Spill Health Risks under Scrutiny - Nature, 2010.0624 ... 0.316.html

Talks Could End Deadlock on Emissions Deal - Toronto Star, 2010.0624

Listening - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.0623 ... e_1-1.html
Architecture firms commonly advertise on their websites that
they "listen." Similarly, the American Institute of Architects
(AIA) recommends that after clients have interviewed potential
architects and have chosen a leading candidate that, among other
items, the clients consider whether "the architect really
listened to what you were saying." The Royal Institute of
British Architects (RIBA) states that at the initial meeting,
after an architect has been chosen, "your architect will listen
carefully to your intentions..." The word listen is used
frequently enough to suggest its importance but it is also used

Study: Sprawling Cities to Feel More Heat - Atlanta Business Chronicle, 2010.0623
http://- abuse alert ... a=e_du_pap

U.S. Historic Sites in Peril - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.0623
An art deco highrise in eastern Mississippi continues to
deteriorate, as does one of the last remaining Negro League
baseball stadiums, in New Jersey. A 1,300-year-old cultural site
in Guam is threatened by U.S. Navy construction plans, and the
character of Connecticut's scenic Merritt Parkway is at risk.

An Abundance of Alternative Walls - Green Building Elements, 2010.0622 ... ive-walls/

A Solar Pioneer, Paving the Way - Yellow Springs News, 2010.0617 ... ng-the-way

A Sustainable Twist - EDC, 2010.0615 ... 0000842320

Atlanta Office Remodel Goes Green with East Teak Flooring - EDC, 2010.0615 ... 0000842525

Kingston, Ontario Investing Heavily in Green Building - Daily Commercial News and Construction Record, 2010.0622

EU Sees Solar Power Imported from Sahara in Five Years - EurActiv, 2010.0622 ... ews-495440

Court Blocks Obama Ban on Deepwater Drilling - Reuters, 2010.0622

Obama to Push Climate Change on Back of BP Spill - Financial Times, 2010.0622 ... ftcamp=rss

Faster Claims Payment Needed, Feinberg Says - New York Times, 2010.0622

Thatcher Becomes Latest Recruit in Monckton's Climate Sceptic Campaign - Guardian Unlimited, 2010.0622 ... c-monckton

Judge Who Ruled Against Offshore Drilling Moratorium Invests in Oil Industry - Climate Progress, 2010.0622 ... gy-stocks/

Q-and-A: Woody Biomass, Pros and Cons - New York Times, 2010.0622 ... -and-cons/

Washington Builders Sue to Slow Green Building - Green Landlady, 2010.0622 ... -building/

5 Reasons Why GRI Is the New LEED - Triple Pundit, 2010.0622 ... -new-leed/

Europe Considers New Taxes to Boost 'Clean' Energy - New York Times, 2010.0622 ... arbon.html

Study Affirms Consensus on Climate Change - New York Times, 2010.0622 ... te-change/

China's Clean Energy Push - Climate Progress, 2010.0622 ... ergy-push/

Sub Makes Unexpected Find under Floating Ice Shelf - NPR, 2010.0621 ... c=fb&cc=fp

The Era of the Oil Gusher - New York Times, 2010.0621 ... il-gusher/

Can the River Save the Deltas? - New York Times, 2010.0621 ... he-deltas/

Is a 'Utility-Only' Cap-and-Trade Bill Worth Passing? - Grist, 2010.0621 ... th-passing

A $100 Million Pool for Solar Financing - New York Times, 2010.0621 ... financing/

Why Carbon Pricing Matters - The Atlantic, 2010.0618 ... ers/58386/

Net Benefits of Biomass Power under Scrutiny - New York Times, 2010.0618 ... omass.html

Antarctic Sea Ice Paradoxically Growing - Live Science, 2010.0617 ... 00617.html

Canadian Contractors Warned about LEED Certification Failure - Journal of Commerce, 2010.0616

DOE Gives $60 Million to Expand Local Energy Efficiency Efforts - Matter Network, 2010.0616 ... expand.cfm

Green-Roofed Meyers Pediatric Hospital in Florence, Italy - Inhabitat (blog), 2010.0616 ... en-design/

New San Francisco Architecture - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.0609
...The pavilion structure stands between two garden areas,
equipped with full-height sliding glass doors to allow a
continuous indoor-outdoor space. The main garden
features walls clad with porous, gray lava stone,
alongside white concrete planters and FSC-certified
machiche wood benches. The white-oak casework and
paneling within the pavilion is also FSC-certified.
Eighty photovoltaic panels were also installed, able to
generate about 30 percent of the energy used by the
project daily.

Sustainable Development for the World Cup Is More Than Skin Deep - Just Means, 2010.0609 ... 17814.html

Bank of America Building: A New Green Standard? - Time, 2010.0606 ... 54,00.html

Atmospheric Scientists Start Monthlong Air Sampling Campaign - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 2010.0602
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TXI Hydromax Concrete Paving Mix Proves Durability in Union Pacific
Inter-modal Facility Project

The expanded shale aggregate promoted the internal curing properties
of the low-slump, low water-cement ratio, high-strength concrete mix.
Four years later, the pavement shows minimal cracking despite being
used daily by heavy trucks. Read more:

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The Architects & Designers Building, New York's ultimate
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Reynobond Exposed-Fastener Cladding

Alcoa's Reynobond Face Fastened Solution is a European-style
exposed-fastener cladding designed specifically for use with
Reynobond ACM panels. Small, visible fastener heads attach the
ACM panels to a single-extrusion rainscreen system, creating a
modern facade with no caulk joints. Designed for projects under
40 feet high, it is 100% recyclable.

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Product News - RFID Hotel Lock from SALTO Systems

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In Faulty-Computer Suit, Window to Dell Decline - New York Times, 2010.0629 ... 9dell.html

Create a Searchable Solution History - Cadalyst, 2010.0623 ... tory-13341

CAD Management as Overhead - Cadalyst, 2010.0623 ... head-13340

Real-Time Mapping of the London Underground - New York Times, 2010.0621

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do with the human body.

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