ArchWeek Green - 2010.0617

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ArchWeek Green - 2010.0617

Postby Kevin » Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:36 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Friends,

ArchWeek Green, from the editors of the leading architecture magazine online, brings you weekly sustainable design and building news from around our planet.

Getting a price set on carbon in the U.S. is a key requirement for bringing market forces to bear on our climate change problem. And that, in turn, is a cornerstone of a gorgeous green building market revolution that we're collectively poised to unleash...

"There once was a time when the government relied on a very blunt way of regulating the economy. It told companies and individuals what they could do and what they could not do. These were the days of command-and-control regulation.

"But then came the market revolution of the last three decades. With the Soviet empire collapsing, the United States economy growing more rapidly than Europe's, and newly market-friendly China and India booming, people saw the drawbacks of command and control. Governments were usually better off avoiding outright bans and instead giving people incentives to behave in productive ways.

"The classic example was environmental policy.

"Most famously, a 1990 bill signed by the first President Bush forced coal plants to buy permits if they were going to emit the sulfur dioxide that caused acid rain. With the price of emissions suddenly higher, the plants looked for innovative ways to reduce pollution - and succeeded more rapidly and cheaply than experts had predicted.

"This history is the basic argument for putting a price on carbon today, and the next several weeks are likely to determine whether that happens. The chances of Congress's passing a permit - or cap-and-trade - system that applies to the whole economy are low. But it could still create a version that covered power plants, if not factories and transportation. That would be no small thing. ..."

Energy, and Its Cost - New York Times, 2010.0616 ... hardt.html

If you're a U.S. voter and you agree about a connection between pricing carbon, green jobs growth, and green building, today or tomorrow would be a good day to let your senator know. We did.

And agree or not, discuss it with us here!

Green and Sustainable Design and Building News This Week
On a Wing and a Prayer: Chevron's Deep Well - New York Times, 2010.0617

Can You Solve Global Warming Without Talking about Global Warming? - Climate Progress, 2010.0617

Bonn Talks: Progress in the Climate Fight in a Post-Copenhagen World - Triple Pundit, 2010.0617

Estimates of Oil Flow Jump Higher - New York Times, 2010.0616

Petaluma Pop-Up Prototype: Affordable Kit House from HousePort - Treehugger (Blog), 2010.0615 ... totype.php

A Gas Mileage Bonus from Aluminum - New York Times, 2010.0615 ... -gas-tank/

Economy Has Slowed LEED Certification Pursuit - Sustainable Business Oregon, 2010.0614

Mysterious Clouds Produced When Aircraft Inadvertently Cause Rain or Snow - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, 2010.0614

Missing the Boat with Net Zero? - Green Workplace, 2010.0614

Tomorrow's Wireless Communication Requires Higher Throughput and a Smaller Energy Budget - Chip Design, 2010.0614 ... issueId=39

Europe's New Wind Power Rivals Gas - New York Times, 2010.0614 ... -with-gas/

Pumping Up the Heat for a Climate-Friendly Future - Science Daily, 2010.0614 ... 085354.htm

How Closely Can a Building Emulate Nature? - Boston Globe, 2010.0613 ... its_alive/

Flights, - and Cash Buy Japan Whaling Votes - Times of London, 2010.0613 ... 149086.ece

U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan - New York Times, 2010.0613 ... erals.html

Prince Charles Calls on World to Follow Islamic 'Spiritual Principles' to Protect Environment - Ammon, 2010.0613

New UN Science Body to Monitor Biosphere - Nature, 2010.0612 ... 0.297.html

Is Leed 'Bogus'? - Arabian Business, 2010.0612

Lament for a Once-Lovely Waterway - New York Times, 2010.0612 ... -waterway/

Study: LEED Homes Are Not Necessarily Less Toxic - Matter Network, 2010.0611 ... y-less.cfm

New UN Climate Text under Fire as Talks End - Reuters, 2010.0611

Sustainable Development and Human Remains - Just Means, 2010.0610 ... 17892.html

Cleveland Botanical Garden to Help Set Sustainability Standards for Landscape Projects - Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2010.0610 ... n_sel.html

Toronto Unveils the Futuristic Farmers Market - Matter Network, 2010.0610 ... market.cfm

Sustainable Homes with High Hopes of Six Appeal - Sunday Times, 2010.0610 ... 147651.ece

Melting Mountains Put Millions at Risk in Asia: Study - Reuters, 2010.0610

Sustainable Education: Eco-Palace Rises in the West - Independent Digital, 2010.0610

New San Francisco Architecture - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.0609
...The pavilion structure stands between two garden areas,
equipped with full-height sliding glass doors to allow a
continuous indoor-outdoor space. The main garden
features walls clad with porous, gray lava stone,
alongside white concrete planters and FSC-certified
machiche wood benches. The white-oak casework and
paneling within the pavilion is also FSC-certified.
Eighty photovoltaic panels were also installed, able to
generate about 30 percent of the energy used by the
project daily.

Sustainable Development for the World Cup Is More Than Skin Deep - Just Means, 2010.0609 ... 17814.html

Bank of America Building: A New Green Standard? - Time, 2010.0606 ... 54,00.html

Atmospheric Scientists Start Monthlong Air Sampling Campaign -, 2010.0602
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TXI Hydromax Used for Large Internal Curing Paving Project

In one of the largest internal curing paving projects in the
U.S., over 250,000 cubic yards of Hydromax concrete paving mix
was poured at the Union Pacific Inter-modal Facility near Dallas.
The result: low-weight, high-strength durability. Read more:

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People and Places, by Nancy Novitski
AIA in Washington, D.C., USA - Gwathmey Siegel in
Sacramento, California - Piercy Connor Architects in
Rajarhat, India - Nelligan White Architects in New
York, New York - Perkins + Will in San Francisco,

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Cadac Organice Explorer 2010 - AEC Bytes, 2010.0610 ... r2010.html

Parametrics 103: That Figures! - Cadalyst, 2010.0610 ... ures-13317

Say Goodbye to the Mac You Know - Motley Fool, 2010.0609 ... -know.aspx

CAD Content from ThomasNet - Cadalyst, 2010.0609 ... snet-13319

CAD Management in a New Economy, Part 2 - Cadalyst, 2010.0609 ... rt-2-13310

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C. Be concerned about the pressure differential between
the interior and the exterior air.

Architecture Answer - for last issue's quiz...
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