V groove laminate flooring VS hardwood flooring

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V groove laminate flooring VS hardwood flooring

Postby rockyjp » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:22 am

Many people become to like V groove laminate flooring(Let’s call it VGLFS) as it offers a hardwood like appearance, while it is much cheaper and more abrasion resistant. Let’s compare VGLFS and hardwood flooring(Let’s call it HDFGSZ).

1. The shape of V groove
The V groove of VGLFS is cut or pressed by machine. The angle and shape are uniform. The surface of V groove at one side is even. On the contrary, The surface of V groove at one side is not even. It is convex and round and makes people see it is cutted directly from natural wood.

2. Foot feel.
The main of material of VGLFS is high density fiberboard. So it feels very hard when stepping on it. HDFGSZ is directly made of natural wood, it feels soft.

3. Colors
HDFGS has nature colors of teak, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, pine, maple, etc. VGLFS enlarges the color range. Almost all the color such as ceramic tile, marble, granite, bamboo,etc are available for VGLFS. And the color for VGLFS can be in 2-strip and multi-strip. Most colors of HDFGSZ are 1 strip.

4. Wearing resistance
Although some special process can be treated with hardwood flooring(HDFGSZ) to made its surface harder, V groove laminate flooring(VGLFS) is much more wearing resistant than HDFGS due to the first layer of VGLFS: AL2O3. People also call Al2o3 manmade diamond. You can see how hard it is.

5. Price
The main material of VGLFS is high density fiberboard. So it is much cheaper than HDFGSZ.

6. Maintenance
HDFGSZ is a bit difficult to maintain. It needs wax, polish, and other process. V groove laminate is very easy to maintain as it is difficult for dust and other dirt to penetrate its surface. It can be cleaned with half-dry mop or cleaner except for some special dirt. The plank of VGLFS need to replaced for most case if it is broken at the surface as there is no other matter except for the top abrasion resistance layer to protect the second layer, the decorative paper. The “wound” of hardwood can be rubbed as there is still hardwood under the ‘wound”.
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Postby Collin567 » Thu Mar 03, 2011 10:16 am

Now V groove laminate flooring can be divided into big size type and small size type. The most popular one is small size type. This type of flooring is a bit more expensive. But its materials are the same as the normal type. V groove laminate flooring offers hardwood flooring looks. And with thicker sizes, its foot feel will be better than normal type. Some high grade hotle also instsall V groove laminate flooring in guest room.
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