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Postby RonPrice » Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:31 am

There exists in Haifa a structure so potent and glorious that I would like to think that its existence in my mind becomes the actual architecture of my mind, a structure through which all my dreams and ideas and hopes are funnelled. While this is partly true, I know only too well, that the architecture of my mind contains much else. Buildings transform space into location and thus perform a function that is essential to human dwelling or emplacement. The buildings, the gardens, the terraces in Haifa do not just connect pieces of land that are already there, they designedly cause them to lie beside and across from each other by setting one side against the other, one part in juxtaposition to the other and, in so doing, they bring to the port of Haifa a path for Kings and to the mount of Carmel an expanse of landscape that is redesigned, renewed, rebuilt.

The whole entity gathers to itself in its own way earth and sky, divinities and mortals. Borders or boundaries are certainly sites, locations, from which something exquisite begins its presencing. They are also places that demarcate the distinction between Holy Place and Other, perhaps “us” and all “others.”1 -Ron Price with thanks to 1Anthony Wilden and his discussion of the complexities of boundaries or borders as barriers and loci of communication. Anthony Wilden, System and Structure: quoted in D.M.R. Bentley, Essays on Literature and Architecture in Canada: 1759-2005.

I came to stare and walk
upon her, above her,
below her and kiss her
ever-sleeping lips, hands
and beauteous face or,
should I say, gaze on
that portrait, that photo,
so rarified and perfected
there across the room.

What was the exquisite power
she wielded in this huge place,
these big rooms and small,
intimate ones where she had lain
for years in a crystal concentrate
of beauty, in this artefact, placed,
marvelled at, forgotten by many,
by most, by millions who once
stopped to amaze, be amazed.

There was a grace here so contained
as to pose no threat, undeserved
was our age but so needy
and our days have grown
more troublesome, many have wept
beyond the borders. We circumambulate
mostly in our minds where the architecture
of this place will live forever
in our hopes and dreams,
funnelled into everyday reality
half-remembered, half-believed.

Ron Price
September 15th 2005
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