Drawing window sizes

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Drawing window sizes

Postby patrickm » Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:21 pm

One thing that constantly bugs me about PowerCADD is the default window size behavior:
If I modify an existing file to use as "stationary", adjust all the items I want to change such as sheet size, page layout, etc, then adjust the window size to fit the page layout and my current monitor and save it, when I create a new file based upon that saved "stationary" file, all the saved attributes are intact except for the window size, which seems to default to some former size. This behavior has been part of my PowerCADD experience since I started using it in the 1990's but, with the current efforts for ES to comb the tangles out of the application, I am hoping they'll address this behavior.

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Among the many problems

Postby jcarcht » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:15 pm

Of course they need to address the opening of the program by double-clicking on a program icon, as well.

Sadly, PowerCadd seems to have taken several steps backwards.

First there is the appearance of the new Document dialog window after one double-clicks on a file icon. This is a time-consuming pain-in-the butt that no other Mac program has!

Lately, there has been the aforementioned complaint about PowerCadd not being able to open legacy files. So even if I have a document which was previously created by PowerCadd 8, it won't open in the latest PowerCadd. I'm left wondering why. It's a good thing I have a laptop running an older version of Powercadd 9, which does open "legacy" files. I had to use that to update some stuff created with versions of PowerCadd dating back to PowerDraw 6.

It becomes apparent that the program needs further fixing. As a long-time user I cannot, and will not tolerate excuses as to why the program has taken such steps backwards.

PowerCadd is still functional. It still has many of its positive attributes. Some cool new WildTools were recently implemented. The folks who developed WildTools wisely restored the Trim With Object tool.
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Re: Drawing window sizes

Postby pbacot » Sun Apr 10, 2016 3:46 pm

I don't have the issue of PowerCADD opening the new document window (showing the stationery) if I double click on a PowerCADD file. In fact, I keep the Application icon in the dock and clicking on that (when the app is open yet or not) does not produce the stationery window.

In the past, as well, PCADD has dropped older legacy files. Unfortunately the only hope is to update files you want periodically, checking back when new versions come out. I don't know if over the course of version 9, the depth of recall has changed.

As for the window, I like to put the tools over on the left of screen, then have the PC window take up the rest. The other windows can float above or be on a separate monitor. Still there is no way to not have the toolbar cover part of the drawing, except by adjusting the window with the mouse, which I seem to be doing constantly. A way that Sketchup works is nice. If the dialog windows (Not the SU toolbars-those suck) are "stuck" to the side of the screen then the main window can be adjusted with the green button to use the whole rest of the screen.

All in all, there are things that PCADD has always had just right, and other developers don't seem to get. And there;s some vice versa... And I really don't want the integral toolbar that Apple and other developers are using--waste of space.I don't know any app that uses the great toolbars that fan-out like PCADD,--but then I don't get around much. Less apps the better.
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