Artifice Classic 1.8 to build the Opera House?

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Artifice Classic 1.8 to build the Opera House?

Postby aussiemike » Mon Mar 12, 2007 3:16 am

Judging by the views verus replies it seems that there are a lot of people looking for answers. I would just like to know if I am in the right forum. I have just purchased Design Workshop Classic and am finding it rather daunting.
Am I in the right place to ask silly questions without being ridiculed?
I am building a small cottage on a hill and wish to have a flat triangular roof made from white canvas. Each point of the triangle sits on a pillar, each of which is on a different elevation. Something akin to a windsurf sail.
The pillars are not part of the main building. A poor mans Sydney Opera House if you like. Just looking for a starting point for the sail from the highest pillar.
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Postby David Owen » Mon Mar 12, 2007 6:42 pm

You've definitely come to the right place, Mike. And what you described should be possible with DesignWorkshop Classic!

If the pillars were all the same height, then a simple solution would be to make a thin, flat triangular object by first using the Polyline Tool to make a 2D outline of the object. Then just extrude by space-jumping to a corner handle and option-dragging (alt-dragging for Windows users) the object into 3D.

From there, you could rotate the object in an East (or West) and then in a South (or North) elevation view, until the points are in the right place.

Doing this for columns of different heights, you'd need to size the triangular object larger than the horizontal distance between the posts to account for the fact that each edge of the canopy stretches both vertically and horizontally. If you know the vertical and horizontal distance between each post, you can determine the exact length needed for each edge of the canopy using the Pythagorean formula for right triangles.

There's another solution that involves a more advanced DesignWorkshop technique of separately repositioning four of the six corner handles. This is accomplished by holding the Command key (Control key for Windows), while you space-jump to and option-drag (alt-drag) each corner handle in turn. The advantages are that you don't have to any math nor any rotating. But it's not the easiest technique. And using this technique, it's possible to make non-planar objects that won't render well in DW. Anyone who wants more instruction on this can email
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