Mac to Intel

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Mac to Intel

Postby Rolando » Wed Jun 15, 2005 10:32 pm

Well, it looks like the clock is ticking. From what I have read, the new Intel-based Macs will not be able to run Classic. The transition will be complete in 2006 with the possible exception of OSX Server.

So anyone that buys a new Mac after 2006 will not be able to run DW, period.

I remember the foreboding I felt when Artifice announced they were developing a Windows version of the software. I felt at the time that diluting research and development into the two platforms for a small company like Artifice would stall DW. While other personal issues developed later, I still think that the Windows version of DW was the genesis of the holding pattern we have been in for so many years. I'm just thankful that Engineered Software never made that decision.

I understand that it made business sense for Artifice to go for the much larger PC market, and it's not my intent to criticize the decision. It just saddens me to see DW fall from being on the cutting edge of 3D software.
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Postby Kevin » Thu Jun 16, 2005 5:25 pm

Of course, your flat statement about DW on Mac on Intel is only true for currently released versions. It doesn't take into account future versions you just might get to see. FYI, Mac on Intel - which at Artifice we've affectionately code-named "Platypus" - looks to us like a very important development target.
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What great bull shit

Postby Rick65000 » Wed Jun 22, 2005 10:51 pm

DW has been fully developmentally idle for years. I haven't read any technical data that shows that the Windows version is an XP level software. There are other software that cost a little more that out class DW in a lot of ways from what I've seen on their galleries.

Really what is the date of the last DW update. (Contents of the DesignWorkshop Professional CD-ROM, February 1998 Version 1.8 Release.)

Get serious if you are going to spend real money this isn't the place to shop. This is a beginners and old timers favorite software.

DW: Your realize that I'm just wanting you to get of your asses, right? If I had a product that was this easy to use and I was living on a two master boat on lake Superior I suppose I wouldn't much care about spending on additional development of a product that was pulling new fish in every day either.
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