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Postby WalkerARCHITECTS » Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:18 am

I am an Architect and not a scientist. The idea began in 2007. It was MY idea. The idea has been purloined since then by quite a few, even the major Federally Funded Labs. Actually since we hold the copyright we will eventually seek compensation assuming someday we have enough money to file a lawsuit. Turbines designed to generate electricity in a way that has never been done before is what we envisioned in 2008 and it may soon be accomplished in the real world. It will be done in the same manner and according to the same cycle we envisioned years ago. But I will not be involved. For some reason the Federally Funded Labs will not even talk to me.
But a team led by a government funded lab the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory will become the first in the world to produce electricity from the Earths heat with co2. Despite many communications the DOE still refuses to acknowledge me.

This idea comes from my original paper submitted to the Conoco Philips Energy Prize in April 2008. The Illustration notes High Pressure & Sub-Surface Temperatures and lists the process in ten steps
1. Electrical Input from renewable energy is used to drive
2. The Compressor Train to force the co2 down
3. The Injection well and into
4. A Reservoir under- ground which may be a natural cavern, or reinforced concrete tank that was carved through the rock with a tunneling machine. The sub surface temperatures make underground desirable but it could be a tank above ground too… but less efficient.
5. The extraction well conducts the co2, having absorbed the geothermal component, heat!
6. A co2 Turbine converts the Temperature and pressure mechanically to actuate the
7. Generator! Creating AC power… the co2 is then recaptured as part of the cycle in a
8. Low Pressure Chamber to be recompressed and re-injected.
9. The Powerhouse conditions the electrical power and matches the line transmission and delivers…
10. Electrical Power Output made from Renewable Energy on Demand

This is the CO2 ENERGY STORAGE CYCLE that I and nobody else, created. That is a fact.

The Cycle I created, is now defined by the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory at this web site;


The ("BERKLEY") cycle begins with co2 arriving on the left side (1&2) and being injected down a Injection Well. (3&4) (Perhaps it is moved with renewable energy) (There is a monitoring well for scientists to do some testing) Then a production well that feeds a co2 turbine (5&6) and generates electrical power producing AC power (7 ) which in turn is condensed again (compressor train) and pumped back into the ground (8) (Reservoir underground) Not mentioned is the electrical power delivery (9&10) which is implied. This concept is under my COPYRIGHT.

Now it appears as though I should be getting some credit for my work since I identified the cycle. I did it first. I have been writing the DOE and they will not correspond with me at all. They have NEVER explained why! I suspect that I inspired someone who read my paper. The problem is I am not being acknowledged and I am the creator of co2 energy storage. This is wrong!

Sincerely, Terry L. Walker, Architect
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