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ArchWeek Residential 2010.0505

Postby Kevin » Wed May 05, 2010 4:50 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Dwellers,

ArchWeek Residential brings you housing news and analysis weekly from the editors of ArchitectureWeek.

I'm struck this week by a recollection of the statistic that half the buildings we'll have in the U.S. 25 years from now have yet to be built.

That's a pretty nice reminder for a residential design and construction sector which is pretty much idling along in the shadow of overbuilding, financial disarray, and fallen consumer buying power.

We'll be back. There's a huge amount of building to do.

And that's an enormous potential factor for the communities we build, and build in. A headline in "Big Builder" says big home building companies have started buying land again in large quantities.

And at the same time, the U.S. Green Building Council has released its LEED for Neighborhood Development standards, after years of testing and fine-tuning.

Most of the residential builders I know, as well as most of the architects, seek a good solid business rather than flashy short term profits. They take pride in their work, in creating good places for people to live.

Does it matter to you what those millions of new buildings are going to look like? Does it matter to you what kind of communities we will evolve and create over the next 25 years?

Big Builders Accumulate Land with Abandon - Big Builder, 2010.0430
"As the housing industry comes out of its recession, the big public companies have begun amassing land again at a frenzied pace."

LEED-ND Launches - Congress for the New Urbanism - CNU PR, 2010.0429
"Environmental Leaders Partner to Advance Walkable, Sustainable and Economically Thriving Communities."

Residential Design and Building News
Texas Home Sales Rise 5% over Last Year's 1st Quarter - Dallas Morning News, 2010.0504

Pending Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Probably Climbed in March - Bloomberg, 2010.0504

What about Fan and Fred Reform? - Wall Street Journal, 2010.0504 ... theadlines

March Construction Activity Gains on Gov't Aid - Associated Press, 2010.0503 ... gD9FFEV480

I Design 7-Star Hotels Full of Gold, but Prefer My Minimalist Pad - Mail Online, 2010.0503 ... ds-newsxml

By the Architects, for the People: A Trend for the 2010s - New York Times, 2010.0503 ... meier.html

Beazer Homes Q2 Beats Estimates - Reuters, 2010.0503

Development Patterns Linked to Recovery - San Diego Union-Tribune, 2010.0502 ... -recovery/

A Westchester Home with Deep Views - Wall Street Journal, 2010.0501 ... theadlines

Housing Won't Be Derailed by End of U.S. Tax Credit, Agents Say - Bloomberg, 2010.0501 ... s-say.html

D.R. Horton Gains after Profit Tops Analyst Estimates - Bloomberg, 2010.0430 ... ate1-.html

GDP Report: Last Year's Rise in New Home Building Was Just a Blip - Christian Science Monitor, 2010.0430

Ghost Estates Testify to Irish Boom and Bust - BBC, 2010.0430

Good Neighborhoods Trump Green Tech - Washington Post, 2010.0430 ... fancy.html

Austrian Architect Affirmed the Kid in All of Us - Toronto Star, 2010.0430 ... -all-of-us

New Zealand's Home-Building Approvals Decline 0.4% - Bloomberg, 2010.0429 ... ate2-.html

Quake Analysis Rewrites History Books - Nature, 2010.0429 ... 0.212.html

AIA Top Green Buildings 2010 - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.0428
A boxy new house stands on stilts in the Katrina-ravaged
Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Its form may be
distinctly contemporary, but the home has ties to its
place: filigree railings recall the ornamental ironwork
of the French Quarter, and a linear plan evokes some
sense of the regional shotgun house vernacular.

Housing Shows Recovery Signs after Prices Fell to 2003 Levels - Bloomberg, 2010.0428 ... evels.html

Homebuilders Have a New Mantra: Small Will Sell - New Jersey Business News, 2010.0428 ... antra.html

An Old-Age Home All Your Own - New York Times, 2010.0428 ... realestate

What the Walls Would Say - New York Times, 2010.0428 ... realestate

Family in Residence, Artist Included - New York Times, 2010.0428 ... realestate

In More Than 10 Hours of Senate Testimony, Executives Defend Goldman Sachs - Kansas City Star, 2010.0427 ... enate.html

Southwest Neighborhood in D.C. Takes a Turn for the Better - Washington Post, 2010.0427 ... 01676.html

Rebuilding a Sustainable Haiti - Earth 911, 2010.0426 ... ble-haiti/

Old Beijing Disappearing under the Steamroller of Modernization - CNN World, 2010.0426 ...

Venice's Green Cube - Los Angeles Times, 2010.0424 ... 2333.story

Eight Signs of a Real Estate Rebound - Forbes, 2010.0423

DiManno: 75-Storey Condo a Sign City Ready to Rise Again - Toronto Star, 2010.0426 ... again?bn=1

Lumber Prices Fall as Home-Buyer Credit Nears End - Reuters, 2010.0426 ... arketsNews

The (Sickly) Return of Housing -, 2010.0426 ... r.fortune/

Tesco 'Mini Village' Building Plans 'Will Make It More Powerful Than Government' - Telegraph, 2010.0426 ... nment.html

5 Key Steps to Buying Your First Home, Tax Credit or No - USA Today, 2010.0426 ... yers_N.htm

Farmer Lives Like the Pioneers in a Modern House in Coupland - Statesman, 2010.0425 ... 12902.html

Rat Shack Revival - Sydney Morning Herald, 2010.0425 ... -tekq.html

Back to the Future: Could a 1970s House Be Made Modern Again? - Washington Post, 2010.0425 ... 04999.html

Suburban Homeowners Hone Restoration Skills into a Career Path - Daily Herald, 2010.0424

To Make Cities Livable: $2tn over 20 Yrs - Times Of India, 2010.0423 ... 846497.cms

U.S. Homebuilders Rally as March Shows Sales Surge - Business Week, 2010.0423 ... ate2-.html

Life Is a Breeze When You Dress Up the Porch - Houstan Chronicle, 2010.0423 ... 73188.html

Is Public Housing Ready for the Yuppies? - Toronto Star, 2010.0423 ... he-yuppies

Domesticities | for a Mars Explorer, a Solar Studio - Times Magazine, 2010.0423 ... ar-studio/

Going with the Grain: Wood Can Breathe Fresh Life into Any Interior - The Independent, 2010.0423

Germany Showcases Solar Energy Home of the Future - Christian Science Monitor, 2010.0422

Converting a Garage Outside Seattle into a Tiny Home - New York Times, 2010.0421

Heading for Net-Zero - ArchitectureWeek, 2010.0421
Some projects come along at pivotal moments. Such was
the case for the Rose House in Portland, Oregon, a
compact home that served as a laboratory for
energy-efficient residential design in 2004, and ended
up setting the bar as the first zero-net-energy house in
the state. Since this innovative small house has now been in
operation for a few years, it presents an opportunity to
assess how well its various features have performed.

The Fate of New Constuction - Cooperator, 2010.0421 ... Page1.html

In Barcelona, Six Stories of Glass - New York Times, 2010.0421 ... elona.html

People and Places, by Nancy Novitski
Leo A Daly in Dallas, Texas - SmithGroup in Phoenix,
Arizona - KMD in Richland, Washington - MGA Partners
and PZS Architects in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - ZGF
in Seattle, Washington...
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Autodesk Inventor Helps Utility Scale Solar - Autodesk Press Release, 2010.0430

Newforma Project Center Restructured - AEC Cafe, 2010.0428 ... eid=814463

Hi-Tech Creativity - Construction Week Online, 2010.0425 ... ativity/1/

Copy and Paste from 2D to 3D! - AutoDesSys Press Release, 2010.0421

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