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ArchWeek Residential 2010.0622

Postby Kevin » Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:05 pm

Dear Designers, Builders, and Dwellers,

ArchWeek Residential brings you housing news and analysis weekly from the editors of ArchitectureWeek.

For most of us in the residential design and construction industry - not to mention homeowners in general - prudence, as well as morbid curiosity, seems to dictate attention to news of the languishing market.

General news headlines and even much U.S. business media news seem to chase the noise in the system, calling things up or down almost on a daily basis, depending on the latest report from HUD, Commerce, the Realtors, etc.

HUD itself - the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - announced on Monday a new information product designed no doubt in part to influence those headlines, but more importantly, to inform them with a greater depth of regular housing data charting, graphing, and analysis.

In the top-level summary of the new "Monthly Housing Scorecard," the high points look like this:

- After 30 straight months of decline and an expectation of continued nearly 14 percent decline, home prices leveled off in the past year and expectations have adjusted upward.

- Mortgages are more affordable: due to historically low interest rates, more than 6 million homeowners have refinanced, saving an estimated $150 per month on average and more than $11 billion in total. And more than 2.5 million families have purchased a home using the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit.

- Servicers report that the number of homeowners receiving restructured mortgages since April 2009 has increased to 2.8 million. Additionally, nearly half of homeowners unable to enter a HAMP permanent modification enter an alternative modification with their servicer, and fewer than 10 percent of cancelled trials move to foreclosure sale.

- However, the foreclosure prevention initiatives are not intended to help all borrowers and the market will continue to adjust for some time. The supply of homes on and off market remains near all-time highs. It will take time to work though this large inventory.

Obama Administration Introduces Monthly Housing Scorecard
HUD Press Release - 2010.0621

To get a deeper look at the housing situation, take a scroll through the full housing scorecard, available at this URL in PDF format:

It's well worth it, for those who want or need to see behind the headlines. Twelve different well-made graphs illustrate recent and longer-term trends in new and existing home sales, in home sales inventories, and in mortgages, refinancing, and restructuring.

With such good data in one place, I'd like to see it rounded off with additional graphing around single and multifamily construction, and overall housing inventories and vacancy rates.

It looks to us like a useful resource, off to a strong start. What do you think? Is this depth of data interesting to you?

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