ArchWeek Residential No. 135 - The Question of Quality...

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ArchWeek Residential No. 135 - The Question of Quality...

Postby Kevin » Thu Apr 26, 2012 10:40 pm

ArchWeek Residential No. 135 - The Question of Quality... ... l/135.html

How does the concept of quality fit into your work in residential design and construction?

Probably almost everyone who operates a business wants real quality on the business side - trustworthy employees, effective sales, minimal waste, good cash flow, accurate accounting, and so on.

On the other hand, businesses can take rather different approaches to the issue of quality in their product delivery. Some aim for maximum product quality and command a premium price. Some aim for basic saleable products at the lowest possible price. And so on.

The high-tech Chevy Volt is a flagship product for a General Motors that is widely considered to have joined Ford and Chrysler/Fiat in refocusing successfully on high-quality, high-efficiency products. Photo: Kevin Matthews/Artifice Images

The thing is... quality consciousness in a modern organization is largely a matter of culture. Deep quality is something an organization has to live and breathe. It is difficult to manifest if compartmentalized, or turned on and off depending on the situation.

As a result, there can be a contradiction in aiming to maximize quality profits on the business side, if not maximizing product quality on the delivery side as well.

Arguably, this is part of the lesson of the ups and downs of American car makers since the 1970s, when their domestic dominance was first threatened. Initially, imports were dismissed as uncompetitive econoboxes, while American cars got even bigger. Then, as a good chunk of the domestic car market was being lost to higher-quality foreign producers, American makers found refuge for a decade or two in the easy production and high margins of the uniquely American truck-based SUV.

That didn't last either, and eventually, long after the writing was on the wall, it took hard economic knocks and major government bailouts for American car makers to shift their focus to designing and building high-quality, efficient cars for today's demanding market.

There are thousands of examples of great new places created by the U.S. residential building industry — and thousands more of subdivisions filled with under-designed, under-built new tract houses, too. Photo: Flickr user smart growth

Does anyone else see an analogy with American homebuilders who may be pining for the easy profitability of the suburban McMansion niche? Is there any fairness in the comparison?

Has the American mainstream residential production industry made the paradigm shift, yet, to a primary focus on building great compact contemporary housing, with world-class quality, in time- and transportation-affordable locations?

How often do you think about contributing to a culture of deep quality in your residential design and construction-related efforts? Is there something new you might do, from whatever position, to help maximize quality in your organization(s)?

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