A brief description of the 3D-Honeycomb concept

For discussion of structural innovations ranging from 3D Honeycomb to genomic and self-generating formal systems. All welcome.

Postby P.C. » Sun Jan 13, 2008 8:26 am

Think about it , this tread start with a thruout description of 3dh , an article printed in a chinese architect magazin , in english and translated to chinese, published with 5 renderings that in themself explain what is not described in the text, ---- then you suddenly burst in and say ;

"am going to sue you for LIBEL and SLANDER Mr. PEARL CORE. You will be hearing from my lawyer very soon. We know your name, who you are, where you live and you will not escape."

What a laugh -- how do you expect anyone to seriously read your complains.
And that is the problem ; what you write is only complains, and it sadden me that you seem so much out of touch, that you think anyone bother to read these complains.

To the facts about productions and a new attitude about the build works, you has no comments at all. To the promises of a production that skip hundreds of production lines for bits and pieces while replacing everything with one new method and one production line, you has no comment at all.

You seem to has no real argument --- please it is not enough to stray out fancy visions and plans. These are only the side effect you see, it's not enough to emagine fantastic structures these has to be foundated on real innovation to bring the true vision --- that's why my advise to show something better, better in the terms of real visionary thinking ,better in terms of newthinking and innovation , but you newer took the challance and thatøs where it became boring.
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Postby usarender » Sun Jan 13, 2008 2:53 pm



1. 3DH made of sheet metal can be as strong as any structure and substitute many structural systems, being as good as steel columns, girders, H and T beams.

2. 3DH can be the new solution for the world, and solve the world's problems in housing for the poor.

3. PC is gaining world recognition and becoming the new hero, with his 3DH, which is " advancing by leaps and bounds." :)

4. "3DH is an optimized system and an ideal structure for every architect to used and to be applied to all buildings in the soon future."

5. " PC is a genious and the only true one to have anything original".

6. "PC is 20 years ahead of this time."

7. "PC is a nice guy".

8. "PC does not lie"

9. "PC does not harass "

10. "PC is not slandering anyone".

11. "PC is respected by the entire design community, as one of the most distinguished members". "His name will go down in history."

12. PC is being persecuted in his "Silver Screen Gallery".


Contrary to these claims, -->>

- PC has nothing to show to prove his thin 3DH skins of sheet metal will be as strong as steel beams and girders.

- PC never answers any QUESTIONS. He doesn't explain this 3DH is a way to be convincing. And nobody can understand his english.

- PC's only contributions ? A 3DH system ten years old, a gallery of graffiti with images projected and painted onto a wall, and hundreds of spam posts against every contribution of usarender and post on these forums, in continuous harassment.

PC has no new visionary thinking.

His structural Claims -->>

1. "3DH is as thick as H or T beams and therefore as strong as structural steel H and T Beams."

Forget it, will use too much steel to erect such a structure.

2. 3DH made of sheet metal can be as thick as T and H beams.

Sheet metal as thick as the strongest T and H beams ? Have you ever heard of vertical gravity?

Mr. Corel is the one being fake now, making false accusations and trying to fool everyone making false claims about me. He can go ahead, if he wants to get banned again.

WHAT PC HAS BEEN DOING, rather then proving 3DH -->>

1. Harassing other members.
2. Calling them names.
3. Demoralizing other forum members.
4. Turning every post into a fight.
5. Destroying posts of forum members by harassment.
6. Destroying ideas of other forum members by ridiculing them.

As I have demonstrated before, it is high time someone put this guy in line. His mind is big he is.

WHY 3DH IS NOT ADEQUATE AND PROPERLY DESIGNED, from an engineering point of view -->>

And why is 3DH not adequate to today's reality. Here is why -->>

3dh is not adequate in many ways as -->>

1. - Is was created by a boat builder that knows nothing of structural engineering.

2. - It will consume too much steel.

3. - PC has never produced any structural calculations to prove it works.

4. - It has never been built, is all theory.

5. - It is ten years old.

6. - It is nothing more then a nice series of matrix calculations, performed by a computer program, that distributes a structural grid into volumes, filling every space with it's "3dh" structural members that transverse the spaces in every direction. And it provides no structural details with calculations. It is all theoretical.

7. - Further, such transversing of spaces is cumbersome, it gets in the way, it creates interior spaces that are not free of structural members, but rather punched in every direction by these 3dh structural members, thus creating a need to resolve hundreds of interior spaces, and also creating many nooks and crannies in the corners, that one must now deal with. Interesting to note that your behavior has done the same. You have poked into every nook and cranny of these discussions, creating now problems to resolve. Your 3DH is consistent with your behavior on these forums.

8. - 3DH is difficult to build in practice, to set-up a production line to actually manufacture it.

9. - There are hundreds of alternate systems out there designed by some of the world's greatest engineers, and you expect designers to play around with this 3dh like a bunch of monkeys dangling around in a world of uncertainty, hanging from the conceptual beams of a structure never built before ? Monkey games.....

10. - It is being promoted by a madman who accuses and slanders others.

Further, -->>

11. PC cannot decide what material to use to produce 3DH. First, he is adamant about sheet metal, now he is not SO CERTAIN.

posted also by me on another occasion in another post, placed here for all to see now -->>

1. Sheet metal is not so environmentally friendly as PC claims.

2. I have not seen any structural calculations to show how sheet metal composed in tubes or square profiles this way would be able to replace steel girders. I have not seen anything to convince they will carry huge loads. This is absurd to assume thin sections of steel plates will be able to replace heavy steel girders.

3. His system cannot be easily fire-proofed.

4. It is absurd to assume 3dh is a all out solution for all architecture and to keep bombing these forums insisting it is the only way. Architects design in different ways and opt from different structural systems based on the materials chosen, and the design. To assume 3dh would replace all structural systems is ludicrous. Those as the Architect who have entered into these games do this to their own detriment, and this also is folly.

5. It is nothing more then a nice structure for boats and planes but truly architects would not like to be locked into allowing a structure to form a backbone of everything they design.

6. His 3dh terminology is quite humorous. A 3d honey comb ? So he got the ideas from bees? And why "3d" honey comb? Why even the word 3D? Any architecture is 3d, so why specify 3d for this?

7. To try to apply 3dh to many of the designs I posted earlier in the topic of history in architecture, for example, or to many other designs would seriously limit those designs and the selection of materials would not match. One system cannot simply be expected to provide a solution to all designs. You cannot substitute a well designed brick building for 3DH.

8. Has anyone ever tried to do any calculation of on-site time that would be needed for cnc cutters to cut all those profiles for huge structures? It would not make for an efficient work site. Even if they were pre cut, and brought to the site, many many elements and some even small would all need to be numbered and placed in stacks in a way they could be easily found. It would create an enormous organizational task. And not to mention even the task of assembling them together. Would they be welded at joints? This would be a huge amount of work. And how are the steel plates joined on ends to form girders? The ends are welded as well? Too much work. As they say, "too much sugar for a dime."

9. We cannot simply rely heavily on sheet metal in the same way we cannot rely heavily on brick. How much energy is needed to extract the material, produce the sheet metal and deliver it to the site?

10. To allow computers to simply automatically distribute a system of structural members in a framework leads to design limitations as well. Buildings designed this way would be seriously restricted in certain aspects, as the structural grids would be dominant and thus certain areas could not be simply open or have large open spans, but would rather be consumed by multi-directional grids of structure. In large structures, it would lead to many cavity time spaces and even small structural corners and elements that would seem to hang in space. Therefore, complete control of the variation of architectural features possible by mixing structural systems would not be possible. Thus, the architecture would be determined to a degree by the structural system, and the range of architectural options would thus be diminished accordingly. If you cannot see this, I will need to explain further. It is quite obvious to me.

11. To assume 3dh could be easily assembled in poor African countries with no computers, no cnc cutters, no sheet metal is somewhat absurd. Many poor countries do not have ready access to computers or a machine to assemble structures.

12. 3dh was developed at the start of the 3d thing and of computers. It is then, somewhat outdated in terms of the way we design today with computers and what they are capable of doing in terms of calculations. It is a nice computer code of calculations that distributes structural elements in a grid using algorythms of matrix calculations, but is quite a simple system actually and designed at the time when autocad and other programs were quite limited. At the time, it was a nice development, but in practice is not such a uniform system for all types of design, as shown.

13. There are many other reasons as well. Does PC really want to know? As soon as I tell him, he is back to harassing and slandering me, rather then responding in a rational way.



He now feels he is an expert in structures, in architecture, in debate on these forums, and proceeds to criticize others and ridicule their ways of posting and vision. This is an arrogant attitude he has. He never cares to engage in any meaningful discussion. Rather, he bombs all topics that are completely unrelated with promotion of his 3dh system.

He goes off on tangents and thinks everyone is persecuting his thinking and suggests others say things that they do not even say, and then he starts defending himself against his own shadow and against things nobody even said, that he imagines in his dirty mind.

In the past I may have had some respect for this guy, but now no longer, seeing the true PC come through in his filthy behavior and how he is quick to ridicule my every chain of posts . When I saw how he began to furiously oppose the ways I desire to engage discussion, and to compose posts. Who is this guy to criticize me for posting any material I wish to post? Or to criticize the method I have chosen to present topics of interest?

PC HARASSING THE DC with his continuous promoting of 3DH

This PC guy is really full of himself. Now I have to admit the truth. This 3dh system of his is quite irrelevant and full of technical problems even if one wished to implement it. It is all theory, and makes for a nice online game of discussion and no more..... those architects who are discussing it certainly will never implement it themselves.... I don't know why or how nobody else has seen this. It is time to speak my mind. His system is full of holes. it is high time he admit it and stop pushing a system like this in every thread on these posts. If people truly believed it was feasible, they would or could post a response here on why they feel 3dh is in fact a good system. I doubt anyone will do this, as simply, it is not a system that can hold water in practice. There are many technical problems with it's implementation.

Another problem is that this guy is not willing to work with anyone on anything. He works alone, and even if someone comes along to try to make 3dh work, and help fix it's problems, he is not willing to listen and work with others. Rather, he insists on that his solution is a marvel of technology and a solution for all architecture and the most beautiful system ever designed. He proceeds to ridicule my ideas, ways of posting and desire to participate in the ideas of others. This is completely unjustified. His arrogant attitude has led now to this situation. I am not the type of person he wants to start opposing. PC has already been banned once, this last week. So it is time he learn a lesson now and stop harassing others.


I have already pointed out what is wrong with that system as you posted in that image above. -->>

1. Small structural modules at corners that do not make sense. There are as remnants of a grid laid out by a computer.

2. A complex system of angles and pieces that would create un necessary assembly complexities.

3. A system of pieces of sheet metal that are difficult to assemble together, to weld, to create the joints.

4. A structure that could be easily achieved by starndard construction systems.

5. A maze of pieces that are not necessary to make the structure stand.

6. A maze of remnant unnecessary pieces.

7. Simply, a structure that may make sense for a boat, but why does it need to be designed this way for a building?

The problem is, he keeps posting a particular same image on this forum, asking everyone what is wrong with it, with his 3DD, and nobody cares to respond. Perhaps I was the first to attempt to respond to it in a logical way.

Then he expects me to deliver a structural system that works with solids or computer programs.

PC is the one who should provide the calculations, not me.


He claims I am trying to make a fool of language issues.

I am not trying to make a fool of language issues. It is PC who has attempted to make a fool of me, by criticizing the way I choose to compose posts and place material online for discussion. He does not see this. It is his myopia of thinking he is the only right, and who has been attempting to ridicule me. He started this, not me.

Recently, after two months of peace and quiet, he came back to harass me again, out of the blue. Then suddenly he gets banned. Now he is back again at it.

Now, this PC asked for sincerity and objective analysis of this 3dh thing? It is you he who should provide the objective answers and structural calculations to prove it works, not me.


I am not obsessed with harming others. It is PC who is reverting to insanity. He is obsessed with spamming and harming every post I place online. Then he complains about a little flack in his "Silver Screen Gallery"? He doesn't respect the posts of other members then expects others to respect his posts and ideas? His imagination is creating fantasies in his mind. Stop imagining things PC. And stop criticizing the way I post and harassing my every post.

Now, if this guy feels I am harming him, is it that his system is not able to stand up to criticism? If it is, please give objective responses, not emotional responses, please. He must then just prove what he has to say, any not simply resort to retoric, false accusations, lies, spamming of other member posts, harassment, and dirty games of tarnishing the image of others, as he has done in his wicked lies and scheming.

I can see that the problem has been, all these years, that everyone can see these problems, but everyone is being kind and does not wish to offend this system PC has been so obsessed in defending. He even got his "3DH" term named within the possible structural systems on this forum, somehow.

After being banned and warned, he is back to it again, and has come back like a dog with his tail between his legs " It is my fault, it is that I didn't realize that some people don't have the stomach to take it, as I do". This is neither an apology, nor an admission of wrong doing. It is a statement of pride, that he should have realized, before fighting, that others do not have the balls he does, to take the fighting. This is an unacceptable response by PC, after being banned.


And the architects who may have come along recently, apparently attempting to rescue such system, are doing so only as a way to go along in the game.... if they really had balls, they would implement it themselves, rather then produce nice computer graphics, proposing their are adopting 3dh as a pet, when in reality down deep inside, everyone knows they would not get even near 3DH in real practice, nor would they every implement it in their architecture. They are, as SDR has shown, just playing the game. This 3DH is nothing but a computer game, a PC GAME.

Now, I myself had up to a certain point been defending this 3dh things, and was also fooled, and even proposed many ways to improve it (foolishness as I also was doped and fooled by PC). I can't believe I had actually been fooled as well, as the fancy graphics looked so nice.

Now, however, that I have analyzed it more objectively, and have demonstrated it's problems, I have changed by mind, I have realized it is a failure. It is a poor system. I have demonstrated more then 25 reasons why!

JUST DEMONSTRATE 3DH MAKES SENSE and stop the harassment!

Rather then demonstrating how 3D makes sense, or to prove so, PC goes on painting his ugly pictures of me, trying to ridicule me and the way I post. He is full of contradictions in his behavior. One day at one time he was "friendly", or pretentiously appeared to be so, and yet the next day je started to ridicule my style of engaging discussion and of posting topics of interest. And now he cannot see it is he who is the source of this dis agreement.


Now, PC claims to have met many "nice" guys, and also claim he is a "nice guy", then he claims I am not a "nice guy", simply because I wish to analyze this 3dh thing in an objective way.

PC is the one who is not the nice guy, for hundreds of reasons. He now proceeds to ridicule me on many occasions, and ridicule the way I have chosen to post topics, referring to it as a "copy and paste". PC is the one copying and pasting the same images over and over again on these forums, these images of his 3dh. He copies and pastes the same comments that come to his mind on 3dh, in a desperate attempt to promote it, even at 2 or 3 in the morning, frantically trying to save 3DH from sinking. He keeps reverting back to the same thinking, painting pictures of others as " Nazi persecuters", "PC haters" , "nice guy haters" and on and on he goes ... I pity these people, these PC's of life....and he is quite predictable.... and at times, illogical, emotional, fearful of his own shadow.... with wild imaginations of flying lights and visions, at times on the border of madness and insanity.


The Chinese, they couldn't understand the english and needed it translated for them, entirely missing the point I have made.

And yes, this PC deserves to be sued for LIBEL AND SLANDER - Mr. Corell, for all his lies, personal abuse and attacks. If he continues in his behavior, it will happen.

What a joke is this PC and his 3DH is nothing new.

he has provided no evidence, no structural calculations to prove 3DH works.

A BOAT BUILDER brings the marvel of the century.

Rather, it is a system designed by a boat builder, an artisan craftsman who believes now his structure is stronger then hell and can support anything. He laughs, mocks and scoffs, lies, accuses, and even after being banned has not learned his lesson.


Hundreds of lies he is spreading about me in his false claims he has made about me. A few of the hundreds of false statements by PC about me --->>

"You not an architect"
"You are not an artist"
"You lie"
"You don't understand 3dh"
"You are fake"
"You make vain complaints"
"You have nothing to contribute"
"You have no argument"
"You have no visionary thinking"
"You have no true vision"
"You have not innovation"
"You dirty mind"
"You pervert"

And HUNDREDS of other false complaints, deceptive comments and slandering statements PC has made against me in the last few months, in an unending spam against my every post on the forums.

He even created THREE SEPARATE TOPIC INTENDED SOLEY TO SLANDER ME --- >> "Let us tell who we are" and usarender, who he is and what he has done, and "what happened to this great forum" ? Beyond his hundreds of posts attacking me, in many many topics in this forum, in his continuous, relentless attempt to ridicule, slander, harass and degrade my image on these forums.

Now, after so much harassment, defaming, slander and false accusations against me, inevitable, I must defend myself publicly since this madman has attacked me publicly with his lies. Therefore, in response, contrary to what he claims. --->>

- I AM an architect.
- I AM an artist.
- I do have much to contribute and and still contributing to the growth of these forums, placing some of the most well researched, thought-out and visited posts in these communities.

-I do have visionary thinking. I have elaborated hundreds of new ideas, new systems, new inventions, contrary to what you claim. I am a visionary, contrary to your false claims.

A NEED TO IMPROVE THESE FORUMS by improving the quality of member participation.

I was and have been dedicating many many hours to place well composed topics to help others in their posts, doing research and thinking much on several topics and many of my posts were being very much appreciated by various members. Suddenly some ill intended individuals start harassing me, creating lies and then complains about being banned. And then, they try to get me banned in the process. I am being harassed, and now they are trying to ban me to? Now, who is creating all this after all ?

I will continue to compose well thought out ideas, visions, systems and seek for the betterment of this forum, with some of the most well thought out posts. I am only seeking to protect this design community to make it a better place. I have composed hundreds of posts that have gained much recognition for being well researched, well elaborated, insightful and continuously seek to help other forum members with their ideas, their posts and conduct a substantial amount of research for them, to help them develop further their topics and in their areas of interest. I am continuously seeking also new members who have ideas, visions but who do not know how to materialize them. I create new inventions for them, new ideas and systems so they can materialize their visions. All this to help these people and help the community be a better place. :lol: :lol:
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Postby P.C. » Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:25 am

usarender say ;

"He now today scoffs and mock religious people, scoffs and mock all the gods and all and every religion, and continues in his darkened understanding. he calsl all the gods DEAD gods and boast in his achievements. Is he is a religion unto himself a god unto himself, in his frail human frame? To PC, there are no gods, there is no religion, there is no truth. "

Now usarender try cheat any decent religious person into his hate campain towerds a guy he is jeloux about, --- see this is what I wrote ;

P.C ;

"The way to better architecture may be thru good paintings --- what today's architecture fail , beauty detail and nice architects , what has to be jettisoned, the cold spetacular fiest architcture , the lack of fantasy in structural matters , how an intire branch became a religion praising semi god's dead and alive, don't you think that ought to be changed ?"

Please everyone else, read the messeage in this painting;

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Postby P.C. » Mon Jan 14, 2008 8:37 am


"He now today scoffs and mock religious people, scoffs and mock all the gods and all and every religion, and continues in his darkened understanding. he calsl all the gods DEAD gods and boast in his achievements."

----- "All the Gods" ????? Sorry but there is only one god usarender !
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Postby usarender » Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:55 pm

Ya, you said that right, only one god to pc, and that is pc.

Just decided to leave further comment on that one for another discussion, so no need for the comment now there. :lol:

PC -->>

"USArender fake, use edit button". :D
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Postby P.C. » Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:33 pm

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