79 things to know before renovation (to drop out o

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79 things to know before renovation (to drop out o

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:21 pm

1. If you will be cooking at home high frequency words, try to give up the open kitchen, there will be cooking fumes
2. bathroom, kitchen small water Po, hot water faster, more convenient to use
3. cooker hood suction Chinese more than the European, Continental's pretty useless.
4. power outlet can be installed as much more decorated, filled with drag line or home plate
5. toilet outlet side must be set aside, or washlet can not install
6. bathtubs PK shower, a second election, then it is recommended that shower, bath installed, I have never had bubble bath is not a minority. Shower does not mean shower room, shower room glass wipe up or tired, you can also select the root shower curtain hung
7. If there are two bathrooms, install a bathtub is still necessary, bubble large clothing, to help A baby shower is a good choice, do not have a jacuzzi, not bubble a few times, but also particularly expensive
8. If not, the people are not cooking, the kitchen is best to install air conditioning
9. If you like the Internet , every wall of each room are reserved for at least two Ethernet ports and two or more sockets. Wireless router can indeed solve the problem, but said sometimes still unstable
10. Regret the kitchen flue does not break out, and now as long as the building was cooking, range hood off their own to be open simultaneously, or full house smoke smell
11. room location of all outlets, and later bought the furniture size biased, wasted a lot of outlet
12. If you can buy in stores, just do not call a carpenter! ! ! ! ! Unless the carpentry skills quite well
13. Floor slightly lighter color, not easy to see ash, but slightly dark kitchen tiles is not easy to find hair everywhere, so that only the most dirt
14. Restaurant installing a ceiling fan is best, super comfortable
15. a little more storage space as possible, after the arrival of the debris will need to incorporate more and more
16. terrace wall is best to use tiles, more than paint Waterproof
17. regret buying so many lights installed, in fact, several fixed used to it. . .
18. toilet toilet table is glass, super easy to dirty
19. In fact, some provincial money can not buy, buy sell fine not to believe that the sky will not fall for no reason the filling?. Renovation of a house of thousands of units are down, or walk more to the market to see, shop around and never out of date. Never buy at the meeting was the so-called \Home networks are not even say his light goods absolutely cheap, not to mention other so-called buy Network?
20. bedside forgot to install switch, turn off the lights every time out of bed in winter, very sad
21. bathroom hardware, faucets and the like is definitely a price of a stock
22 points . wiping decoration not as far as possible not to leave the place, dead health is difficult to engage
23. in the future plan to families with children, must be considered a good size, the bed can be placed next to the reserve position of the crib
24. recommended that all hot and cold water faucet is installed, install a little more than decoration, not a lot of money to spend, and afterwards to fix the super-difficult
25. the room layout as little as possible is not practical opinions do not tear the RMB paste down obsolete sooner or later!
26. buy anything inside the door when the size of attention at home, do not lift bought into
27. Jiaogan good solid wood floor but needs maintenance, laminate flooring clean up easy
28 . invisible door is impractical, to have trouble driving a breathable
29. walk-in closet nice idea, but easier to fouling, open-style shelves, racks, etc. (not the kind of door ), good-looking is good looking, but good pain ah rub together, especially in the book, a layer of ash A
30. lights must not be rushed, and that after waiting for fouling hang it
31, installation and air leakage protection switch junction box of the project can not be provincial, but not on the outside to be on the interior, the original wage will want to save the old junction box outside use, electrical suggested a new one on the interior, He now found it very valuable sspamestions.
32, and air leakage protection switch must use the best brands.
33, the audience delicate pots pots than on stage, good-looking, good cleaning. Basin mixer with the audience to pay attention, taking into account the basin edge thickness, leading to longer mouth.
34, without any modification of the wall angle is also very beautiful, but to advance the stage of looking for the painter and the painter clearly put forward. angle Ding Jiaoxian do help to play the straight line.
35, online slots before the cement surface, surface treatment approved putty is very important, for no solid surface with a clean ball handling is very appropriate.
36, make plaster suitable for a large hole on the wall, of course, if the hole is too big or need to use cement.
37, frosted glass on the back do not coated with paint to protect the hard to clean!
38, Caipen leader can be sure to switch back of the hand, that must be not easy to keep clean fingers, hand turn up when the oil is also difficult. 39, the price of luxury auto racks too much water, and found a number of relatively unknown brand in the structural design on the front line rather than the brand, the price is much lower. 40, could be considered safe on the ground of the metal socket, this socket 100 is very expensive, but very convenient, usually flush with the ground, the foot can plug a foot to pop up. Suitable for large living room. Or on a dining room table, below, is used to insert hot pot (to prevent hanging back and forth when moving wires)
41, storage room. TX has been said, but I did not do doors, looks very beautiful and easy to put dirty clothes in the cupboard.
42, starting bed frame (which is so called up.) I am a professional company to buy the cloth-bed bed, and spent 350 yuan plus a such a thing, end of the bed there is a pull handle, the bed board will be turned up, exposing the bottom of the storage space, what a great Oh!
43, is not practical double bar towel rack! Like the present and uses a single rod, hanging rod base layer will not look inside and then drying towels
44, inside the cupboard that the trash is not enough practical, than on the outside. There do not install the door panel of the trash bin and table, open the door when the summer will be very smelly. Trash or on the outside good.
45, the table next to the small cabinet, and can be placed on some stuff, very convenient.
46, to I think the mop bucket less demanding in terms of performance, one can assemble themselves out of covered and the surrounding environment that is consistent with tile or mosaic appearance, and money.
47, the bathroom can be nailed or fitted clothes hook point nail to hang something in the hook.
48, designed a bathroom cupboard put clothes, no longer have to worry about bathing forgot to clean clothes.
49, washing machines with drying is not serious and practical, in addition to one year, only the yellow mold-day, and the evil giant. Thick clothes, towels or drying quit, let the sun consumer disinfection to be good. Even overdrawn, you need to save the point of silver.
50, even in the laundry room to do a laundry tub, used to hand wash something. Originally thought to use less, so buy a very cheap faucet. Did not think this is really convenient laundry tub, became my most frequently used a washing area. What rag ah, ah socks, and towels, ah, all washed in it, and even most hands there too.
51, fitted with lights really not practical, the decoration done up to now not opened. There are just SHOW guests to look at lighting, I simply forgot their own also installed a this thing. When the original is to open PARTY under romantic, and now do not have much chance of opening spot.
52, the biggest lesson learned is that in fact the simpler the better fitting, less pollution, less money, peace of mind.
53, useful stuff:
① designed storage room.
② North Terrace sink used to wash the dirt. Differences between the washbasin and toilet and washing vegetables for the kitchen sink.
③ bathroom can be pulled out of the leading shampoo. (TX shampoo basin was never an exception.)
④ easy to clean the floors and the appropriate cleaning tools.
⑤ work lights the kitchen table.
54, buy a toilet must be a good amount of their own pitch, or go buy a return that is really ... ...
55, Bath and Kitchen floor tiles stick better after a good amount of what the former did not do the level of the lowest point of view is not at the floor drain, or other teams did and decoration after passing, a lot of dead cells. 56, bathroom shower room must be large enough size, and use transparent glass, shower in it will not seem so cramped.
57, should not use white cement tiles pointing hook. Did not become a black month gap,spam, ugly death. The results they have bought their own hook pointing agent, that tired
58, the cabinet should be pad under the artificial stone after the board, with the result that there is no installation, it can not cut the meat in the above, have promised to give me equipment fast for two months have not installed (only to polish the once).
59, do not confuse the letter designer. Of course, you can visit several decoration companies and more, from the design in each extract something truly useful, the key is what you want to dress up like home improvement.
60, the original manufacturer if the floor drain or the developer that has already been installed odor of the \
61, bathroom tiles affixed to the ground after a good test the water, if water is relatively slow to rework immediately. Our household's water is relatively slow, then relented a bit, it was always a little bath water, and made hundreds of our main Guardian have idle money in the shower head, and wonder how the total now relief.
62, fitted wash basin and mirror to be considered good, put brush cup shelf, towel rack relative position.
63, bought the mirror to consider the position of mirror front lamps, and if do not want to install a temporary mirror front lamps, mirrors the size of the cover for the mirror to be able to set aside the line of the best light.
64, put washing on the balcony to be a small cabinet, easy to put some debris, such as washing powder within the debris. Both beautiful and practical
65, must be staring at the upstairs upstairs to do down the dripping water .... otherwise, get the wall cabinet, the wall is a mess ....
66, do not blindly follow buy online, I later found that some themselves to buy cheaper than the bargain. Home Network personally recommend bright (bright living decojoy), the above things really cheap, but in the fight to buy the premise.
67, TV backdrop will set up a few more outlets, TV, DVD .... a put, you will find enough outlets.
68, change the water well in the future to be considered before loading in the wash basin in the bulk sample, for example, the left or right pots pots, water and drainage that is located in what place. Otherwise, changing for the better after the discovery phase of the wash basin was not fit!
69, on the curtains, we had better put your stay a size goes, the boss can not be less that size. If less, then, how how the. Or watched him cut his cloth.
70, the decoration of the construction process:
(1) approach, breaking down a wall.
(2) bathroom, kitchen floor to do 24 hours of closed water tests (required the developer to complete this task.)
(3) cutting trough, water, electricity transformation and acceptance.
(4) sealed underground water hidden trough renovation project without closing the water leakage test started waterproofing.
(5) bathroom, kitchens wall disk.
(6) Carpentry approach, suspended ceilings, plaster moldings.
(7) packages Door, window cover. Making wooden cabinet frame.
(8) simultaneous production of wooden doors, plastic doors and even pressure.
(9) wooden panel paint brush dust (edible vegetable oil).
(10) leveling the table laying marble windowsill.
(11) wood trim panel, pasted, fine line production and installation.
(12) wall primary treatment, grinding, leveling.
(13) belongings, the door seams paste stickers (protected side).
(14) ICI oil for at least three times the wall.
(15) furniture painting approach, eye patch and paint.
(16) dealing with corners, laying floor tiles, wood or composite wood flooring, waterproof marble bar, skirting.
(17) lighting, sanitary ware, handle, door lock installation.
(18) clean up, floor tiles make up joints, dismantling.
(19) decoration preliminary acceptance within the company.
(20) three formal acceptance of appointment, delivery owners.
71, flue gas valve back together, be sure to clean and ensure the valve can switch freely and to able to open to the maximum, otherwise it will affect the effect of smoke hood. To remain in the installation of two ceiling is not installed, so hood and try and correct installation of the ceiling and then installed.
72, so much in the living room and dining room ceiling can not do not do it.
73, good air conditioning in order to take the line position, the power closer to the air conditioning as much as possible, so install air conditioning power cord to see part of it, leaving a trace of regret.
74, to personally measure and record all the available house sizes, size map will be covered 楼书 units and then re-wire tagging, the final size will directly affect the interior design and furniture purchases.
75, lines small size of the bad black walnut is always enough if the election atmosphere, then need to have choice, or to accommodate actual or attached their own ideas, of course, the best balance between the two
76, began looking for decorators. To personal experience is concerned, if not particularly large size and intended to simple decoration, it seems more cost-effective to find some of the guerrillas. After installation it is best to introduce people, you have read and agree to the eyes, especially the feeling of the person in charge of the decoration is more important, responsibility and appreciation of how, some of the former is more critical, because if only a stripped-down, in fact, those who live almost on the outside will do mix, but the quality is good or bad may depend on a sense of responsibility.
77, the main furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. had better take a look in advance, if the running around on the tired, you can find a few good large-scale home shopping plaza shopping, the basic trend to see it, so the next thing you do is based on their desired style filter out the right things slowly. Some people take good style, while others take on the color of a prospective, does not matter, anyway, there is time to consider, if you wait until clearance decoration, furniture, help wanted steps to go in the final will reluctantly accept the inevitable and not very much.
78, has been optimistic about the furniture of the best down to size and then to display the future situation of the virtual room.
79, the necessary documents to buy something good must be preserved, a move that may exist on the post-retirement, a replacement will definitely benefit. In particular, some important items of the store receipts, brochures, etc., because a lot of things have a warranty period, the evidence lost would be more trouble.

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