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Postby Kevin Matthews » Thu Jan 05, 2006 1:55 am

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Global Warming

Postby autodraw43 » Thu Jan 05, 2006 10:14 am

You so called educated people are so full of it, it isn't even funny. You are so typical of all the other robots that fall in line to whatever another so called educated individual tells you. What I want is he proof, show me the proof or retract your statements. Yes we should be responsable to protect the invironment, but there is no global warming, did you hear that there is no GLOBAL WARMING!

Prove it or shut up!

You should be more responsable in your flag waving.
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Postby P.C. » Thu Jan 05, 2006 10:48 am


There are more to it than just Global warming, it is very few architects that don't want to and is not challanced by the new materials is not challanced by the use of green materials where this is possible or possible wiht a bit thought, and it in not just laws and restrictions no, architects want to use these new materials ,it's just a good thing inviroment profit.
Many years ago Iknew this guy who was a master polyester craftman. He had his own big workshop and made the most increadible pieces , innovative and skilled. Sad thing was that he didn't wanted to listen to the noise from his fresh air vents --- "Polyester is harmless" he said "and there are enough fresh air here" he said. But this guy was poisoning himself every day with styrene, untill one day where the fat between his brain cells was simply washed away and he ended as a veg. died shortly after. -- His vife complained that he was allway's sweating acetone --- anyway he payed for his ignorance and working alone no one else suffered, he had round 12-15 years working with his favorite material and the more years the more stubbern and fighting the authoraty who demanded better venting systems ---- finaly he won.

Today's architect see it as a challance to use materials that work soft in any inviroment, they don't want to harm the client on either long or short term, they want materials that they know don't harm the inviroment, that is a natural attitude of today's architects.

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Global Warming and energy crisis

Postby TLWalkerAIA » Fri Jan 06, 2006 12:37 am

I am a U.S. citizen but these ideas are applicable globally.

Expanding demands for resources world wide are transforming our civilizations. We do not have enough oil. The cost of oil will continue to stair-step upward with supply and demand as this world of rapid industrial expansion mandates. We now have less oil and more demand so the price of oil will go up proportionately. The price of steel has risen sharply for the same reasons. The price of electricity is rising on the back of oil prices.

We have extraordinary levels of heavy weather and the associated destruction of entire cities in the U.S. The northern polar ice cap is melting with average air temperatures more than 4 degrees F higher than previous years have averaged. Scientific evidence is robust and conclusive that we are experiencing Global Warming. Additionally we have increased seismic activity all around the pacific plate and seismic activity under the northern polar ice cap. In this last year we have witnessed massive destruction and huge numbers of deaths associated with global change.

To those who protest the existence of these realities I have pity but also hope that you can transcend your ignorance.

With those of you who are conscious of the huge challenges in front of us I share grave concern but also hope. To the AIA, for whom I have a great respect for taking this position, I have applause for your leadership and to Kevin Mathews for bringing this topic to this forum I have profound thanks.

As an architect I have a very good idea as to how the built environment can be dramatically improved regarding sustainable design and energy consumption and the use of alternative sources of energy. I believe we can retrofit existing built environment effectively. I do not see why working from home at least 3 to 5 days a week is not feasible for most office workers and most companies.

:idea: As an MBA I want to suggest that the U.S. federal tax code be changed to allow deduction of home improvements (to make buildings more sustainable) to be taken by building owners in the same year made instead of in the year sold. I want to suggest that the tax code be revised to assist business in transcending the cost of retrofitting their physical plant to achieve higher energy use efficiencies and reduce the worker traffic load on our energy resources and our highways.

Survival attends upon effective collective effort in every civilization. Those that lose the capacity to work collectively fail and those that harness the partnership between labor and capital prevail. We need to empower the partnership.

To my fellow architects, do it better every project.

To government; we need you to underwrite the transformation to a more self sustaining future state, we need you to raise the bar of design quality and eliminate non licensed designers, we need you to adopt the AIA’s recommendations. (Although I am a AIA member I am not a representative of the AIA and these comments are my own and no others. )

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Global Warming

Postby paper harbinger » Mon Jan 09, 2006 2:29 pm

autodraw43, first of all please grow up.
It is fun to post whatever nonsense comes into your head on-line, but try to control the urge. Architecture Week has made a case for global warming, has made a case for global warming. So I dont think it is the responsobility of "educated" people to prove it, they have. autodraw43 why dont you refute it? What evidence do you have it isn't true? If you want to have a serious discussion bring facts to the table don't make accusations and scream to people you don't know, have been doing this a hell of along time(probably longer than you have been alive), and yes are more educated than you are, at least on these issues.

Truly look at the inforamtion, and refute it. I am possitive you wont be able too, amybe screaming makes you feel better about not doing anything about a serious problem. We are using up all our resources, and people want to put their head on thesand, it is pretty sad.

And to end like you:

Prove there is no global warming (against all the research) or SHUT UP!!!!
paper harbinger
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Postby johnc » Thu Aug 31, 2006 9:08 am

Autodraw43 - Not making many friends in the responsible world.

You are allowed your opinion but please do not critisize that of others.

Global Warming is a fact. If we do not do anything now we may not live to regret it.

The World stands on the brink of an environmental crisis and the scale of the problem is daunting. Catastrophe and extreme weather fills the television screens and front pages almost daily. Floods, violent storms, wild fires, drought, earthquakes, and tsunamis is this not proof enough?

I can exist securley with the knwoledge that I am doing my bit to reduce emissons, the major contributor to Global Warming, can you?
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