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Message - 1968 Ranch roof suggestions

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Posted by  Scott (ATL) on September 05, 2002 at 19:37:52:

Anyone have any design thoughts on what color or type of shingle to put on a grey bead board like siding (for now) 1968 ranch home? The home is well below street level so the roof is very visible from above and on approach down the driveway. The house does have a brick carport and some of the brick does cover about 5 feet of the front but the prick is painted the same gray as the house.

I am also planning on replacing my roof soon since it has "sprung" a couple of leaks. Anyway, I found that a large gap exists between the roof sheathing and the eave. It is not consistent in size or height. I want to do a proper roof replacement but I'm concerned that the sheathing or eaves might need to be replaced. Does anyone here happen to know if it is a common practice to not "butt" the sheathing directly against the eave or eave to the sheathing?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,

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