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Posted by  Scott (ATL) on September 08, 2002 at 16:24:08:

In Reply to:  Re: 1968 Ranch roof suggestions posted by JWmHarmon on September 07, 2002 at 14:20:50:

Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn't even thought about alternating colors or shapes. I like that. I've thought about green since my lot is heavily wooded but many of the greens I've seen are "too green". But you've given me some great suggestions...Thanks!

As to the sheathing not connecting to the eaves…I do have soffit vents and one ridge vent. The house is 60’ long but has two ridges. One gable going West to East and another gable going South to North. The South to North ridge is vented. There is venting (side venting?) at the top of East and West wall/siding to the ridge. I also have an attic fan which I should double check is still working now that you mention it. Anyway, I think that is ample venting and the shingles currently lay over the gap between the eave and sheathing. Since some of the trusses appear to be level or the eave is not attached evenly the gaps not only get wider but higher in places. Rodents have chewed away at some shingles or even just propped them up to get access. I guess a more complete fascia that covers the gap might be the best and cheapest answer but I’m not sure.

Thanks and if you think new fascia that covers the gap is the way to go let me know.


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