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Message - where to get the best stones for floors, countertops, yards etc.

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Posted by  kadidia wegener cooper on November 30, 2002 at 10:21:25:

There's a CD-ROM out where you can actually see the stones (more than in a store) and find out who delivers them. If you can't find a specific stone or supplier the publishing house will do a free research for you.

Abraxas Publishing House Harsumer Muehlenweg 7 D-31180 Hasede
GERMANY Fax: 05121-77 73 74 Tel: 05121-77 71 63


MATRIX 48, the unique visual search-grid for natural stone
With the globalisation of the natural stone market, an endless list of misleading commercial definitions as well as an enormous variety of new types of stone have arisen.
Thus, it is not unlikely that, when a customer is looking for a type of marble - for instance a white variety with purple veins - the salesman or the stone worker cannot recall its name straight away, although they could have seen that variety of stone before. In that case, a good memory would be the only thing to rely on. A search on brochures and catalogues would be extremely time-consuming and surely not very successful, if the pricelist is not accompanied by illustrations.
A practical solution to this problem is offered by the new search-grid MATRIX 48. This method first of all enables a simultaneous search for colors and patterns. Indeed, the user does not need to know the petrographical name of the stone; a visual support is enough to start the search. Another advantage provided by the search-grid MATRIX 48, is that linguistic barriers are overcome, as the user’s choice of the stone is purely based on visual criteria. MATRIX 48 can be used worldwide.

The CD-ROM NATURAL STONES WORLDWIDE, the world’s most extensive natural stone database, contains 11,000 natural stones and 2,300 pictures, with exact description, quarry location, and addresses of quarry owners and producers worldwide - phone, fax and email included. Inside the CD-ROM you will find 900 natural stones from the P.R. of China and all stones of the new European Standard EN 12440 among others. Every year a new topical edition will appear.

Important for customers of the latest edition:
If you do not find a requested stone or supplier, the Abraxas research-team will try to find this information for you, free of charge. For this investigation, Abraxas Publishing House is using several internal databanks and a net of sources worldwide.

More information about the fabulous search-grid MATRIX 48 you will see at:

Customers in the U.S.A. and Canada will pay US$ 165,- resp. US$ 85,- + S&H, delivery will be made from our sales representative in Santa Cruz/CA.

Order via email now:

Also contact us if you would like to be in our directory as a supplier!

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