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Posted by  Kevin on February 20, 2003 at 16:52:58:


Does anyone know of an architecture home design book that develops layouts based upon how things flow / work is done / processes w/in a home?

Weíve all heard about the kitchen triangle, the clustering plumbing in a column. What about the flow of dishes (store, use, clean, store), groceries (incoming, storage, use, waste out)????

For example -- clothing. Itís put on in the closet, taken off in the bedroom & bath, and washed in the laundry. People flow between the bedroom, bath, and closet. Why not place these for four in a square with a mutual hanging rack between the closet & laundry room?

Or the entry. Many homes have a never used front door that wastes interior & exterior space & resources. Why not merge the two. People flow between inside, outside, garage, mudroom (2nd bath), and downstairs. Again, place these 4/5 together in an airlock / vestibule with closets, a catch-all desk, sitting area.

I have developed a few diagrams but figure since I'm so new, there's bound to be developed ones around. Any ideas?

I'm designing my home, to be built in 30 years, so Iíve plenty of time to learn


Kevin Sweere

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