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Posted by  Tom C. on March 03, 2003 at 13:56:43:

I would like to pose a few questions to this group. I am not a home designer, but my wife and I have been looking for a home to buy for about a year now. I've been frustrated with a lot of home designs and would like to see how other's feel about my peeves. Maybe I won't be so peeved if I have a better understanding of home design.
My main frustration is how the house if oriented with respect to the world. When there's a great view, usually thats a no brainer, house orientation takes advantage of that. But I see a number of houses that have no sense of where south is, and the home doesn't take advantage say with windows, entrances, yard (garden) stuff like that when its possible. This is really important where I live which is 60 degrees North latitude. This gripe doesn't count if the lots are small and the road layout isn't conducive. I looked at a "ranch" style house yesterday where its length was east-west, the back was all south. The only windows facing south were two in the master bdrm, and one in another bdrm and the door to the back. Even the kitchen didn't have a window above the sink which would face out to the backyard. In the Masterbed, there was a large window in the closet. Unbelievable stupidity I thought, maybeAlso, I seen a number of houses with bathrooms in the master bedroom. Who on earth wants a bathroom connected to their bedroom? Is this someone's idea of convenience? Think about it. Speaking of bathrooms, I've often wondered why showers/bath tubs aren't in their own separate room. This separation is very common I've noticed in Russia, but can't comment on the rest of the world. It makes so much sense! How many times have people gotten out of their hot shower, and have to wipe the mirrors to shave, etc. All fans in every house I've ever lived in are completely inadequate to vent shower steam. Why? And who wants their toilet, next to their shower? I really feel that toilets outa be off in their own little world with nothing but a small sink to wash afterwards. Think about it. Someone else in this forum mentioned flow, and I think this is important too, except I disagree with the bathroom being near the bedroom, but agree the laundry room should be near where clothes are stored, and put on/off. Another flow thing is where the kitchen is place with regards to entrances. Some houses have their entry from garage to at least near kitchen, why any don't is beyond me. You come home with a bunch of groceries you want to go immediately to the kitchen, you don't want to stop at the living room, put down groceries take shoes off, put on slippers, pick up groceries again. Which brings up another wonder: why so few "mud rooms" in this world of home design? Lastly because this is getting too long, and I have many more peeves, who in this world makes a refrigerator with the freezer on the lower half, are people really happy bending down to the ground everytime they need to pull a vegie out of the crisper? or just plain having to bend down evertime to get something out of the fridge? Its a wonder. I know why do-it-yourself home design is so popular. Very few commercial designers seem to get it.

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