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Message - Affordable housing for all continents - easily adapted

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Posted by  Mal Lowe on April 26, 2003 at 23:09:47:

Hi all,

I am looking for some feed back on a package home that we have spent quite some time developing. I am in construction myself and can see the possibilities of this house being only the sky the limit.

The home can be of any size, the insulation value of the structure is minimum of 4R (Australian), a 150sqm home can be completed in average of 60 days, structure has passed cyclone tests to AS1170.2 Region C and D (Australia), basically cyclone resistant, roof has sucessfully resisted the Northern Teritory fatigue load test for a permissible stress design load of 3.7 kPa, structure achieves the maximum 5 star energy rating, no timber used with the exception of cosmetic/asthetic fixtures/fittings, no concrete used with exception to blob footings, structure will not ignite, construction using low/semi skilled labour, cost!! for the supply of this 150sqm is ?? you tell me what this may be worth. It is far cheaper than any thing comparable.

There are many more aspects to this house than I could go through here.

Please contact me for further info and aspects


Mal Lowe


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