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Posted by  hannah (of black panther design) on August 13, 2003 at 05:22:14:

In Reply to:  "heat beating" device as cheap alternative to the classic fountain posted by alexander on August 12, 2003 at 03:37:35:

a very interesting concept. Outside air conditioning.. but wouldn't you need loads and loads of these to make a difference? stopping the outdoor heat of a country is like stopping the outdoor cold and rain, which is our problem in england!
I think these are the confinements of our weathers, if it ain't too hot it's too cold and i'm not really sure what you can do about this.
If this did work, it would probably seem cool around the fountain, but you'd have to stay there! and also what is responsible for making you hot and bothered is direct sunlight. So while you would be chilling by the fountain you'd still be quite hot from the sun shining from above (unless your fountain could make a curtain for the sun too!)
That's not to say it's a not good idea. I think if it did throw a good amount of cool air, i'd want to stay around it. You could try making one and then testing it in your back garden, and perhaps exhibiting it and getting some publicity for it, if it does create a lot of cool air. And then you could have one outside your office to keep your cool while you sit outside!


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