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Posted by  eileen on September 18, 2003 at 06:22:46:

In Reply to:  STAIR CASE posted by Rachael on September 04, 2003 at 03:17:19:


Or you could add something in how the hand rail is attached to alter your focus.

Also, how long are the treads in relation to the risers? are they short?

If you have a tall ceiling (so that you have room to bounce down the stairs comfortably without whacking it) you could add an arching amenity (or set) in architectural molding or metal to break up the view to the end. maybe.......

If this was done, about 5 or six treads in from each end it would create a shorter visual run - extending the entry. A complimenting lighting fixture(s) to broaden the approach at each end & then something then might be done in the middle to tie them together.

in the entry - landing at the top, you could extend the theme of whatever the molding or architectural metal solution was so that is is not piecemeal.

Overall, something near the top so that when you are coming down and also something near the bottom when you start up.

If you think looking up is daunting, the descent is even more so as they grip the railing with white knuckles (especially a dinner guest after a couple glasses of wine).

I grew up with an extended staircase that was 22 treads as a kid. Took a header once and did 2.5 somersaults with a death grip on the handrail. It saved my life. When I slammed to a stop, I sat for about 2 minutes without moving - taking stock of how I felt. Not the greatest design for safety. If there is anyway to set a mid - run landing........ it might be in your best interest. I would reevaluate it for safety which should be your primary concern.



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