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Posted by  David on October 07, 2003 at 04:12:16:

I'm looking for further information about the subject of this page-

First paragraph from the page-

"A French engineer named Felix Trombe is credited with the simple idea of building a solar collector comprising a south-facing glass wall with an air space between it and a blackened concrete wall. The sun's energy passes through the glass, and is absorbed by the blackened wall. As the concrete warms, air rises in the space between the glass and the concrete. Rectangular openings at the bottom and top of the Trombe wall allow this warm air to flow to and from the living space. This movement of air is called thermosiphoning. At night the blackened concrete wall will radiate, or release, its heat."

Would really like to find some real world examples of this in practice with a run down of cost savings etc...




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