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Message - help for a nice steel stairs

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Posted by  Raul on October 18, 2003 at 09:19:30:

I have to build an internal stairs in my new home, that goes from a big living room up to the upper floor.
I would like a nice stairs, with a inox steel "tube" railing and a metal structure, while the steps will be in wood. It has to be as "light" (to the observer) as possible.
It is not a spiral stairs, but a curved one, and it's shape is something like a reversed C, with a radius (from the ideal center point) of about 1.7 m (about 5'7").
Can someone give me some ideas or point me to some pages on the web where I can find examples of beautiful curved steel stairs so that I can borrow some idea?
Thank you in advance.
Excuse my bad english, as I'm from Italy.


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